Sunday, 16 July 2017

al-Shabaab Militants Beheads Nine Non-Muslims

al-Shabaab Militants Behead Nine in Mission to Kill Non-Muslims

Africa: Al-Shabaab, the African terrorist group in kenya, has beheaded nine civilians inside a Kenyan village as the group searched for non-Muslims.

About 15 men in the terrorist group grabbed nine men within the Jima village in Lamu Country after which wiped out them.

"These were slaughtered like chicken using knives. Something such as what went down in Mpeketoni in 2014. We suspect there are lots of physiques that weren't retrieved," a police source told Kenya's the Star, talking about the terrorist group's killing in excess of 60 individuals 2014.

Al-Shabaab have been trying to find “non-Muslims” in the region. In front of their search, many civilians had fled the region. The Kenyan Red Mix had also helped evacuate people.

Kaingu Kadzomba, a homeowner, told media the terrorist group was “only targeting male non-Muslims.”

Beheadings are apparently uncommon for that Somali-based terrorist group. Still, the audience has attacked and wiped out many in Kenya.

Lately, al-Shabaab wiped out nearly 50 individuals Lamu and Mandera counties using homemade bombs.

In May, radicals shot and wiped out a Christian teacher in an grade school in northeastern Kenya.

"The suspected al-Shabaab militants joined the college compound and immediately fired around the teacher who had been teaching the pupils," stated a Somali Muslim teacher.

The terrorist group attempted to kill another Christian teacher, however a Muslim teacher intervened. Both men, however, were kidnapped.

In June, the Africa Center for Proper Studies named al-Shabaab the deadliest group in Africa, saying the audience wiped out some 4,000 individuals 2016.

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