Monday 11 September 2017

When hope is fading

Day 36 (11 Sept 2017, Monday)

(Matthew 24:36 - 25:13)
Hope is fading.  Not because we are helpless.  On the contrary, because we are not helpless, when situations are beyond us, that is when we hope the most.  But when we are comfortable, when all is under control, there is little need for hope.  Take for example, a child in Disneyland is definitely not hoping to go home.  But a child fleeing as a refugee is hoping to go home.

The early church faced much persecution.  In their distress, they looked forward to the blessed hope - Jesus’ second coming, the new heaven and new earth, when there will be no more tears, when they will be in the fullness of God’s presence.  We, in comparison, have life pretty good here and now.  Consequently, we are not eagerly anticipating the hereafter.

Reading Matthew 24:36 - 25:13, you will find that what was supposed to be a blessed hope turned out to be quite the opposite because the servant and the five virgins were not expectant or well-prepared.

Their hope had faded over time.  The servant’s terrible lifestyle and the five virgins’ lack of action showed that they were no longer hoping.  Do your lifestyle and actions testify that the blessed hope is alive and well in you?  Or are you so comfortable with the present, like the child in Disneyland that Jesus’ second coming and eternity have faded into the background?

Pray for Unity in the Body of Christ

Pray that Christian leaders will have godly wisdom, courage and strength as they work together to resolve issues with the government & authorities during these critical times.
Pray for the favour of God to be upon them.

Pray that pastors, church leaders & churches to work together as ONE for the faith of the Gospel so that His blessings will flow in our land.

Declare that the body of Christ will see beyond their offences, and choose to live a life of forgiveness and to grow in maturity, so that the people who are outside the circle of our faith community will see His glory in the church.

 Necf Malaysia

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