Thursday 2 November 2017

Ministry through Business

 Ministry and Sharing Jesus through Business

To an average person, the word ministry refers exclusively to the Pastors and Preachers of the gospel; it does not apply to anyone who does not fall directly or indirectly under these two individual categories. Well, that may seem like a popular opinion held by the majority, but it does not in any way make it a fact. Biblically, ministry as a word and the engaging of ministry as an act does to apply to Preachers or Pastors alone. Instead, it refers to every Christian who desires to carry out God's commandment through their lives and in whatever they do.

The earlier that Christians understand that in whatever area or field of life they find themselves, that God expects them to do the work of ministry, affect people’s lives positively and bring glory and honour to His name, the better and easier it will be to affect the cooperate world for God. Be it in business, politics, government appointment or multinational companies.

For Christians who go into business, beyond the sales and the profit made from the business, one thing must always be on their mind, and that is transforming nations through business. When Christians develop this kind of mindset, even in the marketplace, it helps a great deal in spreading the gospel of the Kingdom of God to all the corners of the universe. As Matthew 28:19 said, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” The truth that must be told is that the Preachers alone within the walls of the church cannot fulfil this task, there is, therefore, need for every hand especially businessmen and women to be on deck in winning souls in the business world and other fields of life.

Changing Lives beyond the Church Walls

A fact that cannot be denied is that every Christian (Preacher or not) have been called by calling into a full-time life of Christian service. This service extends beyond our various church walls and mission fields. It goes right into the cooperate world where we live and make daily communications with people.

In fact, a majority of Christians are not working in the church as Preachers or Missionaries. They are working in common spheres of life such as the civil service business, healthcare, academics, skilled craftsmen and the rest. This so means that the greater tasks of changing the lives of people as Gods representatives lie not within the four walls of any church but outside it which is in the cooperate society.

When Jesus spoke in Matthew 9:37 that “…the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few”, h was simply implying that the Pastors and church workers along are not enough to get the job done. This is because a large number of person out there in the cooperate world who are yet to experience a change and accept Christ as their saviour. One factor that must also be noted is that a lot of these unsaved or unchanged lives will not come any closer to the church building. Not to talk of being spoken to by the Pastor, so this is leaving them practically to the mercies of those Christians in the common spheres of life who understand their ministerial assignment even outside the church and are faithfully keeping to it.

Effectively Impacting People through Business

Having established that business is supposed to be a ministry for Christians; an avenue to spread the kingdom of God to the entire nation, another truth that needs to be established from now on is that the aim of ministry in business is not just to show up every morning in your marketplace.

A business with a bible and trying to convince people to believe in God, the aim is to establish changing lives business, a business that through its operation and reputation, the lives of people around is transformed and imparted on positively. If that is the aim, it, therefore, means that every Christian in business should understand and appreciate the fact that business and soul winning can be inter-related in so many ways.

To adequately fulfil these ministry aims of changing lives and effectively impacting the lives of people, this ministry business needs to, first of all, be instituted using basic foundations. As well as procedures for establishing an excellent and profitable business, but then after that, there are key points that must be considered seriously which are of uttermost importance. They exhibit great value to the business of which integrity, stewardship responsibilities, fairness, and uprightness are practised.

other points worth noting, which enables a business to have a transforming impact on people are;
1. Serving people rather than just business for profit
2. God-centered business, not self-centred business
3. Business as Christ’s ambassador

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