Saturday 6 January 2018

Prayer Requests

Today's Prayer Requests

Karuhanga Nelson |  I pray that I should continue to know God and be protected from all sort of evils ,my wife should be helped to get a job and I pray that my school should have increased enrollment and I pray for peace prosperity and increased income in my families I pray for the sick,those in prisons those who lost dear ones and I pray for my country my president I pray for my kids Ethan and Ethan to grow up knowing God

vijay aggarwal | Plz pray for money in abundance for a comfortable life

Ronald Hendrix | Pray for me as we lost a dear family member, pray that God gives me the strength to continue on even though I dont know how, so many problems that I face now Financially and mentally, and the uncertainty of whether I am going to loose my home, or be able to pay the bills,

VERA BANKSTON-JONES | FATHER GOD, Into this new year I'll try so hard to be all I can be, keeping in step with was real, trying to keep my health up to par, and in truth with you Father!.......SELAH

April Asbury | Needing prayers for my family. We are struggling financially. So afraid we're going to be homeless again as we were for 4 mo in 2017. Needing prayers for my daughter as well. She was victimized at the end of last May. Her attacker is yet to be arrested. The law enforcement agencies involved both feel they have enough to arrest this person. It's the prosecutor who's keeping the case from going forward & Justice being sought not only for my daughter but for another little girl. Prayers for me to grow in Christ & be the Christian He wants me to be. I recently started going to church. I pray God opens my husband's heart & he'll start going to church with us. I pray 2018 is the year that both my husband & daughter are baptized. Lastly, please pray for my youngest son who's serving in the Army. Prayers with all our military & their families. Ty.

Joel | I want God to give me total grace to obey Him in everything for the rest of my life,divine provision,multiple promotion in my car and total protection upon my household

MG | I want to first thank the lord for letting me see another year. Im asking for prayer help for speedy response of an favorable decision in my petition to the USCIS im asking god to write his name all over my papers saying approved in jesus name amen

patpeng | My health   

WA -  I would like prayers for a new job, restored health, security, and a new love. In jess name, amen.

GFM - Prayer for prosperity

VA - Plz pray for money in abundance for a comfortable life

My is Laura Nicolás I ask for prayer for God to bless my marriage and strengthen my marriage and grant a petition that we have. I know that my God still works miracles. for him there is nothing impossible amen

Anibal Peralta ||  Dear Brothers. We reach the gospel in the tribal and river villages here in the Amazon jungle, we would like to ask some bibles in Spanish language to reach in our missionary trips. We look forward hearing from you. ANIBAL PERALTA GUEVARA CORREO CENTRAL . IQUITOS, LORETO PERU

Charles boles | I want god to bless me with a car and a good friend to talk to

Christian Ngando | Please put us in prayer for our Church


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