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Vinnie Vidal

“I Pray for the Haters, Doubters & Debaters”

Rapper, Producer, and CEO of Royal Play Records, Vinnie Vidal has had his share of hardships and strife from an early age.  Born in Baghdad, Iraq his early years were not as carefree as most children, as his birth country was filled with war.  His family was able to escape, temporarily residing in Turkey, and after 3 years, they were able to move to Canada, where Vidal permanently resides. His 20th single, “JESUS”, which is a testament to the artist’s beliefs and faith was just released on all platforms. 


Vidal shares his favorite bible verse, Romans 8:31 “If God is for us, who can ever be against us?” as the foundation and inspiration for this latest hit. 

The melodic piano aesthetic in his latest composition, woven within his smooth rap lyrics creates a soothing vibe that leaves the listener with hope and peace during a time in society that for many is very dark and polarizing.  Vidal hopes to inspire listeners by sharing his relationship with Christ and the foundation for his success.  “JESUS” highlights that through trials and tribulations; through the negative and the positive; and through the ups and downs life throws at you, having faith in the Lord is what propelled Vidal’s passion for music and delivering his message.   Vidal shares that fighting through the struggles, having faith and perseverance is how he is achieving success.  That advice is the basis of the new single and words he hopes many hear.

The mission Vidal is so purposeful about is to produce music that brings self-awareness to the listener while being infused with positivity and the power to heal the mind. Vidal’s compositions focus on high-quality classical mixes, rather than the traditional low frequency and destructive vibes. Vidal believes in bringing trendy, entertaining, and inspirational music to the table without the profanity, sexual exploitation, violence, and social injustice currently portrayed in mainstream music and media.

Vinnie Vidal- Jesus on my side

Vidal’s passion for music began at age 8 when he learned to play piano by ear and started creating his own compositions.  He went on to compose and direct a church choir at age 14. Vidal has been making beats and custom music since he was 15; however, the artist was mostly working behind the scenes until February this year when he released his first Hip Hop/Rap single titled “Talk to Me”. He has since consistently been producing and releasing singles that are gaining momentum and attention due to his unique sound, his shockingly wide versatility, and his uncompromising integrity. 

As a producer, Vidal understands what it takes to make quality music and which instruments are currently not being showcased. He aims to broaden his fans listening experience by infusing these sounds in his custom made beats. 

He is bringing a much-needed shift to the hip hop and rap genre with his custom composed sounds; a distinctive Eastern flavor blended into a modern Western vibe while also integrating jazzy instrumentals.  

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Should Diaspora Jews Have a Say in Israel’s Internal Affairs?

The divide between Jews in Israel and abroad has widened. A new Knesset bill could bridge the gap

This is going to be a two-part series, the second installment of which will ask the question “Should Christians Have a Say in Israel’s Internal Affairs?” But it is instructive for our readers to first understand some of the sensitive issues in the relationship between Israel and Jews living in the Diaspora.

Although this is not a new question concerning Israel-Diaspora relations, it has become once again relevant due to a new bill to be proposed in the Knesset. The legislation is being endorsed by Minister of Diaspora Affairs Omer Yankelevitch and sponsored by MK Tehila Friedman, both members of the “Blue and White” party.

The proposed law offers to establish a mechanism making it mandatory for Israeli lawmakers to consult Jewish leaders around the world when making decisions on issues that could affect Diaspora Jewry. While the bill lacks any specifics as to what would constitute the kind of issue that would require consulting world Jewry, its proposal is a significant step toward bridging an ever-widening gap between Israeli Jews and Jews living outside the Jewish State.

Prior to Israel’s independence in 1948, the Zionist movement had always catered and reached out to Jewish communities around the world for support. Diaspora support came in many forms, including financial donations and political lobbying in their local governments. Diaspora Jewish support for the establishment of Israel was so significant during the War of Independence that Golda Meir said herself that Diaspora funding was crucial for the newborn country’s success.

Interestingly, Israel’s Diaspora engagement policies have become a model for other countries around the world interested in courting their own diaspora communities abroad. For example, when Croatia was striving for international recognition in the early 1990s, it established a diaspora lobbying model based on Jewish pro-Israel organizations in the United States. Since gaining statehood, Croatia has also allowed for non-citizen Croats abroad to vote as well as hold seats in its national parliament. Israel is not alone in dealing with the question of diaspora influence in internal affairs.

How much influence should diaspora Jews be given in Israel’s internal affairs?

First, obvious limitations should be noted. It seems absurd that non-citizens, even if they are Jewish, should have any kind of decision-making authority on matters of security, the economy, and any local issue that does not concern the diaspora community. Only Israeli citizens should have the right to determine processes that affect their daily lives and well-being.

In addition, there is a potential domestic threat in allowing for Jews abroad to influence internal affairs. Since Israel’s inception, ethnic tension has prevailed between Jewish and Arab groups in the country. For many Israeli Arab communities living as a minority population in a self-identified Jewish state, citizenship and civil rights are sensitive issues. National belonging is not a given.

Although rare today, Arab citizens of Israel have participated in some of the country’s most deadly terror attacks. Non-citizen Jews having too much say in Israel’s internal affairs is likely to arouse those tensions which have been quite dormant in recent years, due to understandings that an ethnic group abroad is being favored over actual tax-paying citizens of the country.

At the same time, Israel’s entire existence is predicated on its role as the official nation-state of the Jewish people. Thus, if Israel is to remain a country that claims to represent and serve world Jewry, then its leaders must at the very least allow them to voice their concerns and opinions in an official way.

Israel does make decisions on Jewish issues that potentially affect diaspora communities abroad, such as conversion, definitions of who is a Jew, the Kotel (Western Wall), and Aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel). For instance, any changes to the Law of Return, which gives the right of Jews around the world to live in Israel, certainly should be made only after consulting Jewish leaders. Although Israel should always retain the exclusive right to decide who is able to cross its borders, Aliyah is based on the right of any Jew to automatically become a citizen of his or her homeland, Israel. Therefore, changing this status in any way has a significant effect on Jews living abroad.

Opening up an official channel for direct discourse and consultation between Israeli and Diaspora Jewish leaders is also beneficial for building understanding and respect in a highly damaged relationship. In recent years, the divide between Jews in Israel and abroad has widened. Young people are on average far less engaged than their parents and grandparents in supporting Israel and an influx of anti-Zionist Jewish organizations such as ‘If Not Now” and “Jewish Voice for Peace” are appearing.

While there are several causes to the increasing divide, a central one is due to prevalent Diaspora perceptions that Israel is only interested in hearing what they have to say when their checkbook is open. The proposed bill has the potential to bridge this gap and restore a strong Jewish attachment to Israel.

Thus, a delicate balance must be preserved between containing local ethnic tensions and bridging the divide between Israeli and Diaspora Jews in order to increase Jewish engagement of Israel. Granting diaspora communities authority in determining substantive local issues such as security and the economy can tilt that balance in a dangerous direction in which a minority already struggling with belonging to the country (Israeli Arabs) may perceive that a non-citizen ethnic group abroad is being prioritized over them. However, Israel can consult Jewish leaders abroad on Jewish-related issues that may directly impact their communities. This both preserves the peace at home and is likely to encourage reconciliation between an increasingly divided Jewish people.

Jesus Christ, Our Great God, and Savior

Titus 2:11–14 gives us the reason for why we should live as godly men and women, old or young, and in our places of service (Titus 2:1–10)—the saving grace of God has appeared in the person of Jesus Christ to teach us how to live godly lives. Part of this godly life is to expect our Lord Jesus Christ to appear again. Titus 2:13 describes us as “waiting for our blessed hope, the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.” In the last phrase of this clause, we find one of Scripture’s strongest declarations of the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is not just our Savior and the Christ, but He is also “our great God.”

Some prefer to understand “our great God” to refer to the Father. If this is the case, Jesus is identified as both the glory of the Father and as our Savior Jesus Christ. However, five reasons suggest “our great God” also refers to Jesus Christ.

First, one article before both “God and Savior” ties these two titles together as one and the same. The text literally reads “the glory of the great God and Savior of us Jesus Christ.” The glory that appears, then, is Him who is God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Second, several passages similarly identify Jesus as God. John 1:1 identifies Jesus as the Word who is God at the Father’s side. Thomas identified “him” as “My Lord and my God!” in John 20:28. Acts 20:28 mentions “the church of God, which he obtained with his own blood.” Romans 9:5 identifies Christ as “God overall.” 2 Peter 1:1 speaks of a righteousness that belongs to “our God and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Third, using references from just the Pastoral Epistles, while it is true that the Father is identified as our Savior (1 Timothy 2:3; Titus 1:3; 3:4), Jesus is identified as Savior as well (2 Timothy 1:10; Titus 1:4; 3:6).

Fourth, if it was the Father’s grace in Christ to appear in Titus 2:11 and not the Father Himself, so also would we expect the “appearing” in Titus 2:13 to refer to Christ as well. Just as Mathew 25:31 refers to the final descent of Christ as when He “comes in His glory,” so also Titus 2:13 refers to Christ’s coming appearance as glory itself.

Fifth, Paul likely used a well-known phrase and applied it to Jesus Christ. “God and Savior” could refer to leaders or even the emperor, and Paul’s use of the phrase identified Christ as the only One who should properly receive such a title.

Whether using Titus 2:13 or one of the passages above, one truth is certain—the man Christ Jesus is also God. May the Father’s grace through Him continue to change us to be more like His Son, especially as we wait for Him to come again.

By David Huffstutler 

David pastors First Baptist Church in Rockford, IL, serves as a chaplain for his local police department and teaches as adjunct faculty at Bob Jones University. David holds a Ph. D. in Applied Theology from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. His concentration in Christian Leadership focuses on his contributions to pastoral and practical theology.

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Biden administration will likely seek to make its own stamp on Mideast

 say experts

President-elect Joe Biden speaking in Gettysburg, Pa., on Oct. 7, 2020

Michal Hatuel-Radoshitzky, a research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies, states it is safe to assume that the incoming president’s initial energies will be internally focused due to the coronavirus and the economy. In addressing the Mideast, the priority is likely to focus on Iran and the nuclear deal, followed by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

(November 9, 2020) U.S. President-elect Joe Biden’s yet-to-be-confirmed victory over incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump has ushered in a flurry of questions in Israel over what a Biden-Harris administration would look like and how it would differ from the Obama administration specifically with regard to Israel.

Eytan Gilboa, an expert on American politics and foreign policy, as well as a senior research associate at the BESA Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, told JNS the next administration “will differ in certain areas” compared to Obama’s. 

“We should not expect much continuity,” he said. “Every president wants to leave their own imprint.”

Gilboa noted a few points. First, Biden’s top priorities will be domestic: dealing with the coronavirus, interracial relations and the economy.

Second, Biden’s ability to pass legislation will depend on the makeup of Congress and whether the Republicans or Democrats control the Senate.

Third, according to Gilboa, many of the so-called progressives, the radicals, “are anti-Israel and some are anti-Semitic.”

“The question is how powerful they will be,” said Gilboa.


‘A need to change the sunset clause’

While Biden may not necessarily take a hard line against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “the people under him may not be so forgiving, as many are Obama veterans. These people are not very friendly [towards Israel]. The question is how much influence he will give them.”

With regard to policy, Gilboa said, “there will be continuity in terms of all bilateral relations, including intelligence coordination, security cooperation, joint maneuvers and development of missile defense systems. These will continue and perhaps improve.”

Gilboa suggested that Israel will likely need to be concerned about three issues. The first is the United Nations, where Biden is likely to renew American involvement and participation in U.N. international organizations such as the International Criminal Court and the U.N. Human Rights Council. The Trump administration spent four years lambasting the United Nations over its anti-Israel stance, and in 2019, Trump withdrew America from the U.N. Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The second issue to concern Israel is Biden’s intention to work closely with Europe, which according to Gilboa, could be “problematic on issues such as Iran and the Palestinians.”

With regard to Biden’s approach to Iran and his intention to sign a new deal with the Islamic Republic, Gilboa said Israel should make every effort “to participate in the formulation of a new deal.”

He explained that Biden said he wants to negotiate a new deal with Iran and while Iran thinks it will be similar to the 2015 deal, it won’t. “Five years have passed, and there is a need to change the sunset clause,” he said.

In fact, UNSCR 2231’s section on the arms embargo against Iran already expires this year. United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) CEO Ambassador Mark D. Wallace has warned that the expiration of the arms embargo “will have immediate destabilizing consequences for Yemen, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Israel. Terror organizations like the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) Quds Force, the Al-Ashtar Brigades, Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the Houthis are the likely beneficiaries of this sunset provision.”

Gilboa said any new deal with Iran “will have to be tougher and include issues left out of the original deal such as the development of ballistic missiles.”

Iran would like to negotiate, said Gilboa, but it insists the United States must abolish the economic sanctions as a precondition to any deal.

Regarding the Palestinians, Biden has said he won’t move the U.S. embassy back to Tel Aviv, though there are reports that Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas will insist on it.

More worrying for Israel, is Biden’s intention to restore aid to the Palestinians and UNRWA, which could result in the financing of terror against Israel, and he has said he will reopen the PLO mission office in Washington.

“I doubt he will emulate Obama’s obsession with the peace process,” said Gilboa. “I do not see any major peace process or peace plan. I don’t think this is going to happen.”

The third issue that will concern Israel according to Gilboa related to the Abraham Accords that saw Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Sudan agree to normalize relations with Israel. Trump planned to add other countries such as Oman, Morocco, maybe Kuwait, and even perhaps Saudi Arabia. The reason was to counter Iran in the region.

Representatives of Iran and the P5+1 world powers pose for a photo in Vienna, Austria

Biden had applauded the Abraham Accords, but his top foreign-policy advisor, Tony Blinken, has said that the significance of the deals was “a little bit overstating” and noted that Israel had close ties with the countries under the Obama administration as well.

But Gilboa said that Iran will now give the United States an ultimatum. “If given the choice, Biden will choose Iran,” said Gilboa.

For its part, Israel and Arab Gulf state are reportedly moving to help the Trump administration levy a “flood” of sanction on Iran before Biden is sworn in reportedly out of concern that Biden could undo Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign against the Islamic Republic.

‘Israel has changed, and Iran has changed’

So will a Biden administration be more pro-Israel than the Obama administration? Or less?

According to Michal Hatuel-Radoshitzky, a research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies, “what was considered ‘pro-Israel’ in Obama’s term is not necessarily seen as ‘pro-Israel’ today.”

“Since Obama’s presidency America has changed; Israel has changed, and Iran has changed, as have the region and the world in general,” she said.

“Furthermore,” she added, “one has to take into account that similarly to American society, Israeli society is divided and multi-faceted with different sectors having completely different perceptions of what it means to be ‘pro-Israel.’ ”

Hatuel-Radoshitzky said that both Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have proven time and again that they are Israel’s allies.

“Among other things, they are committed to maintaining Israel’s QME [Qualitative Military Edge], and they have declared that they will not condition aid to Israel on the Israeli government’s policies vis-à-vis the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” she said.

Whether the Biden administration will launch an effort to create a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, Hatuel-Radoshitzky agreed with Gilboa, saying that it is “safe to assume that the Biden administration’s initial energies and resources will be internally focused. In addressing the Middle East, the priority will likely be addressing the JCPOA. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict will come in only later.”

According to Hatuel-Radoshitzky, Israel should prepare for a Biden administration by making a “proactive effort to establish open and direct communication lines with Democratic Party officials to transform Israel into a bipartisan issue.”

She said Israel should not fear the renewal of Palestinian aid, but should rather perceive it “as an opportunity towards increased US leverage vis-à-vis the Palestinians who will once again perceive the United States as an acceptable mediator.”

Hatuel-Radoshitzky said she believes that returning U.S. aid to UNRWA or returning the United States to the UNHRC or to UNESCO “could play out very positively for Israel if conditioned upon important changes in the way these bodies function. In other words, there is an excellent opportunity to increase U.S. influence in a way that will be conducive to Israel, too.”

Top 5 challenges for the church after this election

Amid all the analysis and opining about the 2020 presidential election, one thing must not be overlooked: The church’s witness in the world has been damaged almost beyond repair.

The politicization of the faith, the abandonment of biblical teaching, the hypocrisy, the sacrifice of truth, the love of money and status — all these have caused the church to lose relevance and authority to speak to modern culture. Of course, erosion of trust in the church did not begin with this presidential election or the 2016 election, although the divisions of the past four years certainly accelerated the trend.

It wasn’t that long ago that American conservatives — and especially Christian conservatives — cared deeply and passionately about absolute truth and strict morality and certain reality. And it wasn’t that long ago that American progressives were accused of promoting an “everybody do your own thing” mentality that empowered looser morality, sexual ethics, and doubts that there is such a thing as absolute truth.

Yet today, it is the progressives who are most likely to be fighting the onslaught of misinformation, fake news, conspiracy theories, and outrageous lies by demanding a consistent standard around a flagpole of definitive truth.

No wonder we’re all confused; some would say the tables have turned and the sides have switched uniforms.

Every publication and pundit out there is commenting on how this election has revealed the deep divides in American society that might as well have us living in two separate universes. And in the midst of this, pastors are left to try to make peace in their churches. Is this possible?

Here are five challenges pastors and church leaders face in these post-election days:

Avoiding both-sides-ism

The natural tendency for peacemakers is to point out that there has been wrong done on both sides and to call everyone to the middle through confession and forgiveness. That will not work in the present moment. Although both sides may feel equally offended by the other, both sides have not acted in the same way or with the same malice. Each “side” must be dealt with on its own merits and actions, just like good parenting requires dealing with each child as an individual. Both-sides-ism is a lazy and unrealistic way out of this quagmire.

“Both-sides-ism is a lazy and unrealistic way out of this quagmire.”

Restoring respect for truth

This is not simply a matter of one side believing the truth and the other side believing a lie. It is, instead, a case of both sides firmly believing their views are true. Except in rare cases, it is not possible for two opposing ideas to be simultaneously true. Somehow, we’re going to have to come to an agreement on what is true and what is false in the real world. Coronavirus has shown us the peril of living in a world of lies. Eventually, lies will get you killed. If the church can’t help us sort out truth from lies, we don’t need to stay in business.

“Coronavirus has shown us the peril of living in a world of lies. Eventually, lies will get you killed.”

Overcoming the love of money

For the church, this is a debt that never gets paid. We’ve got to keep telling this story over and over. Remember that Jesus talked more about money than any other topic recorded in the Gospels. Getting this right sets up all other successes. And yet time and again — in both Democratic and Republican campaigns — appealing to personal economic interests tops all other concerns. Our society has conditioned us to care most about our own economic well-being; the Bible should condition us to see that the love of money is the root of all evil.

Revaluing community

Too often, the church has portrayed “community” as a kind of forced uniformity or assumed uniformity or even homogeneity. We go to church and assume everyone else there thinks like we do, and we tend to cluster with others who look like we do. We foster a community that is as shallow and superficial as a Sunday morning hello at a coffee station. True community places us in the same boat together with everyone given an oar. We’ve got to figure out how to row the boat without capsizing. This is a lesson the church should model. We should be handing out oars, not complaining because the boat is taking on water.

“True community places us in the same boat together with everyone given an oar.”

Loving neighbor

I long for the old days when we could debate what was the best way to love our neighbors, meaning, for example, is it better to give a homeless person money, job training, or food. When we agree we must love our neighbors, we can engage in helpful conversation about how to fulfill the command of Jesus. Sadly, the debate today has moved to another realm: “Must we help that pitiful person?” Or a somewhat gentler adaptation: “That’s not my problem to worry about.” Getting this fundamental teaching of Jesus right would set in motion a lot of cures for the other things that ail us. We love God by loving neighbors as ourselves.

Underlying all this is the need to restore trust in the church. To get there, the root question pastors may need to face is whether they want to serve the church that has been or the church that will be. I’m reminded of our church’s journey toward LGBTQ inclusion four years ago when an older member said: “I know where the trend is going on this and that in 20 years this will not be an issue at all. But can’t we older folks just have our church the way it has been until we die?”

Whatever the issue — don’t get hung up only on the LGBTQ illustration — the church cannot regain the trust of the community until we’re able to see all the community around as beloved of God and not just targets for our conversion.

Church consultant Mark Tidsworth hit this nail right on the head in a recent BNG story: “If you want more young people in the church, you are going to have to drop the belief that social justice issues are off-limits while focusing only on personal piety and salvation. People under 35 write us off as irrelevant because we are unwilling to address the issues of the day.”

It’s time to flip the script and show the world that the authentic church of Jesus Christ solves problems rather than creating problems, tells the truth, loves people more than money, and builds authentic, diverse community.

Credit to Mark Wingfield, serves as executive director and publisher of Baptist News Global, where this article was first published.

Chelsey James “Hands on the Bible” New Music Video

Hands-on the Bible

During these strange times of uncertainty and change, Chelsey James shows the importance of keeping our “Hands on the Bible” with her passionate music video. Without apologizing, James sings a powerful message for the symbol representing her faith.

Throughout the various places in the town of Seymour, the Missouri native sings about the one thing that has kept her rooted in her beliefs. As she roams the down to earth and country rooted environment, the camera captures multiple moments of people in the community keeping their hands on the Bible, and their eyes in it.

Chelsey James

Now in the month of thankfulness, James says there is a lot to be thankful for. For one, she says we have the “ground to put some green on, the good book to lean on when times start getting tough." The video displays a hard working and very loving community. Connected through faith, they are thankful for each other. Engaging in fellowship, they pass the plates of country fried chicken and bowls of southern mashed potatoes. Proving that even with all the craziness that is happening this year, James reminds us that “all you need for survival, is bread on the table, and hands-on the bible.”


Chelsey James:

Sunday 1 November 2020

Today's Prayer Requests

We Are Praying With You

"Now I urge you, brethren, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your prayers to God for me." Romans 15:30 

Patricia | Please continue to pray for me that God grant all my heart desires in his Mercy.

Vijay | Plz pray for a financial miracle in my life

Afrose Ali | prayer for me and my 3 daughters

Tina | Francis Morrill is homeless and he just needs a place too live. He only makes $551.00 monthly and $88.00 on food stamps monthly. He needs a room for rent. Please could you pray for him. He is my friend and He needs help. Thank you. God bless you . You are in my prayers. I care about you. Thanks

PA | Pls help me Pray to God in granting all my heart desires and his Abundant Blessings on my children, Divine Mercy & Favour from destiny helpers through Christ our Lord. 

Sheila Wilson | Please pray my relationship with Pauly is restored leading to commitment and marriage in Jesus Name Amen!!

Emmanuel Adeleke | Good morning sir, Pls sir join me in prayer for my promotion. Talks are on ,for decision to be taken. I need money for accommodation and money as capital to start something. Also the grace to serve God faithfully. Please help me in prayers and if you touched and in position to give me physical support too, the Lord bless you. My name is Godwin.

MN | Pray for my husband's health he has glaucoma and one of his eyes lost sight

My name is ochuko,please help me Bray for spiritual growth,and I need a father and daughter relationship with God

Pls prayer for me (Vandana Chauhan )and my husband (Abhishek Chauhan)so that we meet soon.our visa case is pending with USCIS for approval,Need prayer to get it approve soon with any hassle! Jesus name Amen

Vijay | Financial problem is killing me.plz pray for a financial miracle in my life immediately

Mike |  I may lose my home, on the verge. Please Pray that a miracle comes my way so I don't become homeless

Michael | My niece's boyfriend is under going cancer treatment Please pray that God gives him the strength that he needs to go through this and beat this disease

Peter| Please my name is Peter Anyin, am married with three kids. Please I need prayer so I can start mechanized farming so that my family can survive and i can also help other Christian around me especially children thanks

Sheila Wilson | Let the lord heal, bless and turn my relationship with Paul into a committed , loving and faithful one. In Jesus Name Amen!

Pray that lord forgives me I have sinned and keep sinning I want him to help me break chains of addiction I pray I get to see my daiughter and you give her peace and strength to get through this season i praise you lord for life and my wonderful kids and I’m so thankful you give me what I need everyday in Jesus name amen

Vijy | Worried about debts heart squeezes plz pray for a financial miracle in my life immediately

Charles | Family blessing with a child

SW | I need you assist me in prayers and in kind. I will sacked from my room by the end of this month. The virus has render me jobless please help rent is $250.I have no where to go


Vijay | Worried about debts heart squeezes plz pray for a financial miracle in my life

candy | ay I ask for people everywhere to pray for me. I have been bleeding for over a month now and nobody can tell me what is wrong they are all guessing what is wrong. I am going to another hospital tomorrow I pray this hospital will find out whats wrong with me before it is to late. Please guide these Dr. hands and let them tell me how I can get better. I am scared really scared. thank you.

dee | Please pray for my unborn Grandson who has been dignoised with Downs Syndome. Praying that things will change.

Patricia Agaba | Help me thank the Lord for his divine healing upon my son, my sister and her daughter, for our God is awesome, Faithful in all his ways. Glory be to God, Hallelujah!

Austin | Pray for a positive revolution in Nigeria that will bring about Righteousness, Shared Prosperity and unity.

RABECCA BANDA | Please pray for my son Mebelo, off late he has been misbehaving. He has joined a bad company where they drink and smoke. He comes home at late hours. Also, he has been into a habit of selling his clothes/shoes, including my clothes and the sister's clothes. Also pray for my mother for a good health. She has a problem of arthritis which makes it difficult for her to walk.

SN | I'm at a point of spiritual exhaustion. While I am saved, drug addiction has dominated the past several years of my life. I am married and have twins that were born a month ago. I still find myself battling this daily but it seems to be defeating me completely. I don't want to live this way anymore. My health is rapidly declining and I am absolutely exhausted. I want to be the father and husband my family deserves and I want to be set free from this so desperately. I am only 22. Please please pray for me.

Benjamin | We are running social enterprise organization that does charity and some commerial water wells drilling. We took some loan for buy new drilling rig -- which had an accident and was writen off barely after drilling 5 water, hence subjecting us into heavy financial debt. We seek Gods favour for a financial breakthrough on this need.

Margaret | Please pray for me as I look unto God for a better job offer. I am also believing God for a better job for my son who just graduated. Above all, I want His grace to be sufficient for me so as not to lose focus of Heaven. Thank you.

S.T. | Dear pastor , continue to pray for me

Mrs Sindhu Alphones | Iam living with my husband and with my 2sons.Please pray for my sons marriage and also for my elder son Ajay who is 27yrs old not doing any job, he is idle in the home without going to job so please pray for him and also pray for my family.

Julie Yound | I need prayer for my illness and for my Husband's illness. We also are looking for a new Church do if you will please pray we find the right one. Also we need Prayer for finances due to my illness as well. Thank you for sharing God's Word and God Bless Everyone Involved.

Vijay | Please pray of my finances

Johnny | Pray for my Covid Healing

LD | Yes I need prayer for my Selena she is my dog. She went to the veterinarian's today and they said she has treacha problems and a heart murmur. Please pray for her. Thank you.

Patricia | Prayers for God's Divine intervention for our Nations especially the ones in crises, that every manipulation from the pit of hell will be put to an end in Jesus most Powerful Name AMEN .

Prayers for God's Divine intervention for our Nations especially the ones in crises, that every manipulation from the pit of hell will be put to an end in Jesus most Powerful Name AMEN .

S.W.| Please Heal My Relationship With Pauly, Let Him Forgive Me and Stop Ignoring Me With Godspeed, In Jesus Name Amen!

Trinitee Vidol | I was needing prayer to get closer to God and truly know who God and Jesus are and to go to a stable church.

A.N. | Prise the Lord sir. Thanking you for wish me .Prayer for my child Alex.pray for me facing financial problems

dC | for my family, for our leader both spiritual and in government,that christ lead us in all parts of life beacaus we depend upon him amen

Peggy Cain | Please keep my kids and family in your prayers, Please prayer for my Aunt Mel she's in UC .

Cory | My prayer is to find that special someone as I live ànd learn God's plan for my life

Greg |  I need prayers for my nephew who was injured by a motorcycle crossing the street . He has life threatening injuries and needs all the prayers we can give . Thank you God blesd

Vijay | Plz pray for a financial miracle in my life

JS | prize the Lord Kindly pray for my child alex And financial problems And God wil males me to serve poor people

Barbara M | I would like to find decent clean affordable safe conveniently housing and be moved by next year this time which is October 2020 with a goal of October 2021. Thank you.

Ronald Rodrigues | Many people doesn't know what is PRAYER. Jesus give me wisdom and knowledge. And decernment. I want to live like Jesus Christ. I want to live with Jesus Christ. I want to be saved through Jesus Christ. I want to save my soul and My family and enter world. Let wickedness destroy. I want to Walk narrow road. Jesus increase My faith. Give me Grace. Have mercy on me. I want to give my life to Jesus Christ. Jesus is final destiny. I want to bear fruits. That's it. I want to change my life. REST Everything Jesus KNOWS. I want to surrender fully My Life. Ameñ.... ALL GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST ALONE GOD

Stephanie Thompson | Hello can you pray for me please? I need prayer on my health, I am going through a ruff time with my health, pray for me to recover and be great again please. Thank you

Francis A.Idi | Gratitude Of Praise To God For His Word Today And His Mercy And Also Faithfulness. I Would Like To Blessed God And Magnify His Holy Name For What Has Done In Ourlives According The Following Psalm: Psalm 34. Psalm 100 & Psalm 150.

Rajagopal M | Please help with the good job where i can perform and settle in my life

JN | prize the Lord Kindly pray for my child alex And financial problems And God wil males me to serve poor people

Mike |  I may lose my home, on the verge. Please Pray that a miracle comes my way so I don't become homeless

Michael | My niece's boyfriend is under going cancer treatment Please pray that God gives him the strength that he needs to go through this and beat this disease

Peter| Please my name is Peter Anyin, am married with three kids. Please I need prayer so I can start mechanized farming so that my family can survive and i can also help other Christian around me especially children thanks

Sheila Wilson | Let the lord heal, bless and turn my relationship with Paul into a committed , loving and faithful one. In Jesus Name Amen!

Pray that lord forgives me I have sinned and keep sinning I want him to help me break chains of addiction I pray I get to see my daiughter and you give her peace and strength to get through this season i praise you lord for life and my wonderful kids and I’m so thankful you give me what I need everyday in Jesus name amen

Patricia | Kindly help in Praying along with me , for the Lord to heal my son body, soul and spirit in Jesus Mighty and Powerful Name, also for his Divine Mercy to speak favour on my children in all their heart desires. Thank you all for praying along with me.

Wilson | Our church member poor family, her husband passed away with covid 19 corona virus. Even not give the dead body to family.Please kindly pray for poor family and the church.

I ask prays for my wife's mind. Her name is Solange. Thank a lot god bless you.

Odette Dei | A prayer to win Lotto 649 soon in Canada and to win big the Sweepstakes that I have been entering on my computer. Amen.

Anthony | My Name is Anthony from Nigeria and I started a youth development enterprise to empower millions of youths in Nigeria and Africa generally through agriculture; it has not been an easy task since I started in 2012 but I have hung on because that is what God is directing me to do. At some point I get discouraged if some things do not go as planned due to lack of funds and friends and family are either not willing to help or not bouyant enough to assist. Please pray for me that God almighty whose help is complete will do a complete miracle for me and ensure that my dream comes through with less effort and struggles, in Jesus name.

United faithful family& reduce the anger personality

Mrs Sindhu Alphones | Please pray for my 2 Sons

Zena Lascano | I would like prayer for my health and my finances to be able to move from an apartment to a house.I also would like prayer for my family and friends whom are going threw something.

RW | m battling with sexual immorality in my life. And I m tired of it yet I find myself doing over and over again. I need help in prayer that Lord Jesus should deliver me from this.

Agnes | Please pray for my adult children to get along and love each other. Pray for me to serve God faithfully to the end. Pray for me to be filled with the holy spiritual with evidence of speaking in tongues. Pray for my granddaughter Mel with depression and anxiety. Pray for healing of COVID over every nation. Pray for peace in the world. Thank you.

5834 | Please pray for my Hannah, that she can find peace in her life and stop allowing others to make feel invalid and worthless. Pray for my two grandchildren who are so loved and precious that they stay in Gods path through these trying times.

Vijay | Worried about debts heart squeezes plz pray for me a financial miracle

April | I need prayers a lot of them . For healing , and for god to Intervene in a situation where my daughter Tiffany . Please pray for me . Thank you so much

If you have a prayer request, feel free to reach via the contact form or send an email: 

Saturday 31 October 2020

‘All Souls to the Polls’ engages churches to make voting fun and accessible

All Souls to the Polls

Contentious, high-stakes elections are nothing new to Darryl Warren Aaron or his members at Providence Baptist Church in Greensboro, N.C.

But there is a different feel surrounding the 2020 general election, said the pastor of the city’s oldest Black congregation. “It takes me back to when (President Barack) Obama ran the first time. There’s an energy. There’s a drive. It feels existential, as if people are recognizing that there’s power in the vote.”

In an effort to share that passion, Providence Baptist and other congregations in North Carolina and additional battleground states have partnered with civic and social justice groups to drive transportation-challenged voters to the polls during early voting periods and on Election Day.

And with guidance and funding from the New Moral Majority, food trucks are being parked at or near some voting sites to feed and encourage voters waiting in long lines, said Ryan Eller, co-founder and executive director of the progressive faith-based political action committee.

Darryl Warren Aaron

Ministers are being encouraged to serve as chaplains to encourage voters waiting in long lines, he said. “Hundreds of clergy are participating in that.”

 The overarching goal of the New Moral Majority’s “All Souls to the Polls” initiative is to help Americans connect the dots of faith and voter participation, Eller explained. “A food truck feeding people for free and giving out drinks and water to people standing in line communicates that people of faith can participate in democracy as a spiritual act.”

While long lines at polling sites are inspiring to see, they can cause some voters to abandon the process. Voter suppression efforts also keep some from voting. So it’s vital to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, he said.

“We want to create an uplifting atmosphere in which folks in long lines see groups of people having fun and good food and water … and listening to music. We are convinced that will help some folks to consider voting.”

The New Moral Majority is working with Baptist and other churches mainly in North Carolina because it is considered a key battleground state. But similar events also are being planned in Georgia and Pennsylvania, Eller said.

The effort stems from the organization’s wider mission to recapture the Christian faith coopted by conservative political and religious movements, he said. The network was founded in the spring, its publicity says, “to utilize this moment to change the moral narrative and try to reclaim Christian identity from the former Moral Majority, which was never moral and never a majority.”

“All Souls to the Polls,” Eller added, is designed to provide people of faith an opportunity to impact that discussion and “to be a public and moral witness in the world.”

Faith is the central motivation for Providence Baptist Church members who already have driven hundreds of people to voting stations and will continue doing so until polls close the night of Nov. 3, Aaron said. “Our faith teaches us that the church can never be closed off in the building.”

On Oct. 31, the last day of early voting in North Carolina, Providence will have a food truck stationed at a housing development from which its volunteers will transport voters to and from the polls.

Ryan M. Eller

“People of faith can participate in democracy as a spiritual act.”

Many of these residents have no other way to get there, he explained. “Some could take the bus but standing in line for three hours then catching a bus for three hours can become a deterrent.”

These and many others live in what Aaron called “opportunity deserts where there is not enough food, not enough transportation and not enough education.”

Taking these citizens to vote, therefore, is a way of living out the gospel, he believes. “We are forced to go out and assist those who are left behind. In this case, picking them up and taking them to the polls is acknowledging their condition.”

The process has been a success so far because many who would not have voted have — and will — cast ballots to create the improvements needed in their lives and communities.

“You can hear Dr. King in that wonderful speech in which he said give us the ballot and we’ll put people in leadership that have, as he said, ‘felt not only the tang of the human, but the glow of the divine.’”

Friday 30 October 2020

France: Knife attack at church in Nice leaves three dead

French officials said an investigation was underway into a terrorist attack

Authorities are investigating a deadly knife attack in the French city of Nice as a terrorist incident. Following the third attack in two months attributed to Muslim extremists, France raised its alert level to urgent.

Evangelicals pray for peace after three were killed at a Catholic church in Nice, the third incident in recent months attributed to Muslim extremists.

What do we know about the attack?

  • The attack took place Thursday morning at the Notre Dame Basilica in the heart of the Mediterranean city.
  • Terrorism investigators said the suspect entered the church and waited a half-hour before cutting the throat of the custodian, then nearly decapitating an elderly woman and stabbing a third woman, who escaped the church and died at a nearby cafe. 
  • The suspect was shot and seriously injured by police and is currently being medically treated in custody.
  • Authorities said that the suspect is a 21-year-old Tunisian man named Brahim Aouissaoui, who recently entered France from Italy. He arrived in Nice by train.
  • While being detained, the suspect began shouting "Allahu Akbar" (God is great)
  • The attacker is believed to have acted alone.

French evangelicals are mourning along with the Catholic church and the rest of the nation after an attacker armed with a knife killed three people Thursday at a basilica in the Mediterranean city of Nice.

“Let us be peacemakers in a French society that lacks it. Pray for our fellow citizens, whatever their religion. Let us love our neighbors, as Jesus ordered us to do,” stated the National Council of Evangelicals of France (CNEF), citing Matthew 5:9.

Police in Nice have closed all places of worship in the city, and the evangelical group advised pastors across the country to heed government recommendations to heighten security due to the threat of further violence.

The incident at Notre Dame Basilica in Nice was the third attack in two months in France that authorities have attributed to Muslim extremists, including the beheading of a teacher.

It comes amid a growing furor over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that were republished by the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo—renewing vociferous debate in France and the Muslim world over the depictions that Muslims consider offensive but are protected by French free speech laws.

Other confrontations and attacks were reported Thursday in the southern French city of Avignon and in the Saudi city of Jiddah, but it was not immediately clear if they were linked to the attack in Nice.

“He cried ‘Allah Akbar!’ over and over, even after he was injured,” said Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi, who told BFM television that two women and a man had died, two inside the church and a third who fled to a nearby bar but was mortally wounded. “The meaning of his gesture left no doubt.”

Christian leaders across France responded by crying out to God in prayer and calling for peace in their country. “May God console the hearts of bereaved families,” said Thierry Le Gall, a pastoral director with CNEF. “Let us pray for our nation, the forces of order and unite against barbarism, for freedom of religion and expression.”

The assailant in Nice was wounded by police and hospitalized after the killings at the basilica, less than a half-mile from the site in 2016 where another attacker plowed a truck into a Bastille Day crowd, killing dozens of people.

Shots punctuated the air and witnesses screamed as police stationed at the grandiose doors to the church appeared to fire at the attacker inside, according to videos obtained by the Associated Press. Hours later, AP reporters at the scene saw emergency vehicles and police tape lining the wide Notre Dame Avenue leading toward the plaza in front of the basilica. For a time after the attack, sounds of explosions could be heard as sappers exploded suspicious objects.

France’s anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into the attack, the third one since a trial opened in September for people linked to the 2015 attacks at Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket by gunmen who claimed allegiance to the Islamic State group and al-Qaida. The trial is nearing its end, with a verdict planned for November 13, the fifth anniversary of another series of deadly Islamic State attacks in Paris.

The Protestant Federation of France stated, “Religious fanaticism is a scourge that we are all called to fight against and we call on the authorities to be extremely firm with regard to such terrorist acts.” The group called on Christians to stand together around gospel hope while recognizing the tragedy of the situation in France.

French Roman Catholic sites have been ferociously and repeatedly targeted by extremists in recent years, including the killing of Jaqcues Hamel, who had his throat slit while celebrating Mass in his Normandy church by Islamic militants and a plot to bomb Paris’s Notre Dame cathedral.

Those attacks were claimed by the Islamic State group, which also is believed to have recruited a man now on trial who plotted unsuccessfully to attack a church on the outskirts of Paris.

Moody Bible Institute promises investigation of abuse complaints

Students outside Moody Bible Institute

The review follows a student petition that claimed the Chicago school mishandled reports of sexual misconduct, abuse, and stalking

Moody Bible Institute in Chicago has promised a third-party investigation and other steps in response to a petition claiming the school mishandled complaints of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse for decades.

The petition, launched Oct. 16 on, has more than 3,100 signatures and several comments from MBI students and alumni. They claim that after they reported abuse or harassment, school leaders did not inform them of their rights, discouraged them from filing Title IX claims, or disciplined them. Title IX, a civil rights law, requires schools to investigate and respond to sexual misconduct.

Most of the petition complaints concern Timothy Arens, dean of students and Title IX decision-maker, and Rachel Puente, assistant dean of student life and part-time Title IX coordinator. School administrators said in a press release they have removed both employees from their disciplinary and Title IX roles. However, they continue to work at MBI. A school representative declined to discuss the student petition or comment further.

Arens has worked at MBI since 1984 and plans to retire next year. School President Mark Jobe and Provost Dwight Perry stressed during a chapel service on Oct. 20 that the school has not determined whether Arens or Puente did anything wrong.

“I would encourage you to abstain from judgment or conclusions,” Jobe said. “I’ve always known [Arens] to be a man of character.”

Anna Heyward, 2017 MBI alumna, wrote in an account accompanying the petition that in 2016 her then-boyfriend, an MBI graduate student and employee, coerced her into getting drunk and forced her to perform oral sex. He later raped her and hit her in the face, she said.

Heyward said that when she told Arens, he asked her what she had done to deserve being hit and told her if she repeated her story publicly she might not be allowed to graduate. She said Arens placed her on academic probation for violating student conduct rules against drinking and sex.

MBI’s Title IX policy says the school will not discipline students for conduct violations if they are not egregious and are disclosed as part of a good-faith report of sex-based misconduct.

Heyward said she lost a scholarship because of the academic probation. She claimed Arens forbade her from dating until she graduated and required her to email him regular updates about her behavior. Heyward said she also told Puente about being hit, and that Puente expressed sympathy but did not inform her of her rights to a Title IX investigation and university protection.

“To this day I don’t even know how a Title IX case is filed because I was never told the process,” Heyward told me.

Heyward began organizing the petition this summer after she mentioned her experience in a social media post and received comments and messages from students and alumni with similar stories. The petition includes 11 accounts in an accompanying online document. The dates of the incidents described in the accounts range from 1995 to 2019.

“I don’t think that Rachel Puente or Dean Arens are evil people,” Heyward said. “I think Dean Arens probably has done a lot of good things. Has he done good things in this part of his employment? I don’t think so.”

According to former students, Arens in yearly speeches invited female MBI students to view him as a father figure at school. Bethany Timm, an MBI student from 2014 to 2016, wrote that after a male student began stalking her on campus, she reported the matter to Arens. She said he did not inform her of her right to file a Title IX report and dismissed her safety concerns. Megan Wohlers, a 2019 graduate, wrote that Arens and the Title IX office directed her to sign a nondisclosure agreement and drop charges of sexual assault, stalking, and sexual harassment in exchange for the accused student agreeing to leave campus.

Attorney Adele Kimmel, director of Public Justice’s Students’ Civil Rights Project, said that if the stories are accurate, the school is “doing everything wrong.”

“If those things are true, then Dean Arens has no business handling student complaints,” Kimmel said. “It’s clear that if these allegations are true, that he approaches these in a biased way, based on sex stereotypes, and it’s hard to imagine any training that would rehabilitate him sufficiently to handle this.”

Kimmel said Title IX process violations like the ones reported in the petition are more common at small schools with insufficient Title IX training and only part-time coordinators. MBI’s policy requires Title IX personnel to receive 8-10 hours of training each year in addition to the trauma-informed response training the school provides yearly to all employees.

The petition asks MBI to include student and alumni voices in replacing Arens, to replace Puente and let students and alumni help choose a successor, to remove Title IX decision-makers with disciplinary powers, and to publish annually the number of Title IX complaints made and MBI’s response to them.

Heyward said she and eight others met on Oct. 22 with MBI leaders, including Jobe and Perry, who told them the petition demands were realistic. The school had previously announced it would allow students to give input in replacing Arens after his retirement, and Heyward said the leaders agreed during their meeting to include alumni as well.

The school said in a press release it was searching for an appropriate third-party firm to investigate the complaints in the petition, evaluate the school’s handling of the complaints, and review its Title IX practices. It also promised to integrate counseling into its Title IX processes and provide regular updates. Heyward said MBI has taken helpful first steps.

“My goal isn’t to burn [MBI] down,” Heyward said. “My goal is to make it a safer environment for future students.”

Friday 16 October 2020

Today's Prayer Requests

We Are Praying With You

 "Now I urge you, brethren, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your prayers to God for me." Romans 15:30 

Ross | Hi I would like to request that you keep me in your prayers I requested that you pray for me a week or so ago I’d appreciate it if you carry on praying for me to meet my life partner a beautiful loyal woman who makes me want to be my best version I ask that you add in the prayer that I have the confidence to take action when the time is right, I’m praying also thank you.

Migharo | Please join me in prayer that I should have peace and favour in my place of work. I pray for the fruit of the womb and for every woman who desires children in Jesus Christ name.

Jonathan Ugiagbe | Please I like you to join me in praying for God's guidance, protection, favour and wisdom in making decisions in my life endeavours in Jesus name, AMEN. From

John Ochola Gerald | Hello Dear the Lord fellows I need your help to pray for me and my family so that we get a House of our own we are tied of renting and transport so the we will be able to get in time to the church because we are leaving very fear from our church may thanks

Reuben | Hi everyone, please pray for me im in pain , im sick for almost a week,have high fever and flu. cant go to hospital coz i dont have money and dont have work since the covid pandemic started. just taking meds without prescription..please please pray for my fast recovery ,so i can find work , im scared.. i have a family that depends on me.. a wife and 4 children.. i thank God because of giving us goodneighbors whos always there to give food.. thank you

Joseva | Hi can you all pray for my mother and cousins who is really poorly sick back home in Fiji. Thanks

Roy Swapan | Dear Pastor, please pray for my wife, Chandana who is suffering from a stone in her right kidney, often suffering from Urinary Tract Infection. Pray, that Lord's miraculous power may crash the stone and it may come out without any problem. Also, a wicked family is trying to capture my land by force which I purchased on 2005. Dipali Das, the wife of Jiten Das, a wicked lady, along with her whole family are giving us much trouble everyday, throwing bad words at my family members and making dirty on the path which our grandfathers used since last 108 years, and often tried to beat us and threatening. Police is not helping us as one of their son is working in police department, and police is ignoring our petition. May the Lord His bring justice, and may His powerful hand subdue that family. Let the Lord attack that family and send them away from that land. Pray for Lord’s mighty angels will guard us and our land. I am claiming the the Lord to fulfill Jeremiah 17:18. Please join hand with me.

Georgia Johnson-daley | Good morning please for a break through on my life, pray for me to have good health I need some healing right now on my health please. Am in school and need some prayer on my education so I maybe successful. Prayer for my kids and my relatives. In the mighty name of Jesus Thank you. Thank you

Sarah | I asked for a prayer yesterday but I am asking again for a prayer to help me through my struggle right now. I ask for prayer for me to see that I will be happy, be loved and that I will make it through my time of worry and darkness. Thank you.

Mark | pray for me as I pray for you and your family have a blessed day.

Jo | Please can you pray about me for my family ,debt ,generation curse ,family members not having babies,marriage .Thank You


Samuel | I have a mass at neck since two years, doctor said need to examine mass. I'm so much worried about mass, I hope that is not be a tb mass or cancerous mass. plz pray for me to get free from the mass at neck.

Sarah | I'm asking for a prayer that my 41st year of life will be the best one. My birthday is October 7th. I have struggled with addiction and I am coming up on 4 years sober this January. I am dealing with some issues at the moment and need faith and strength to help me. Thank you.

Chris | I am asking prayer request for my wife, she is sick for long time i am asking that Holy spirit come and heal her in Jesus 

LP | Hi. My name is Lorena . I'm from Brazil and really apreciate your work, your devotionals are amazing, and the prayer's requests are giving me the chance to pray for others. Congrats. God Bless you and your team. Pray for Brazil and our president Jair Bolsonaro. Please. We are living a hard moment. The people can't respect the others opinions. Very sad, most youth living a promiscuous live. I am 29 years old and i'm scare about it.Thanks.

Laura | please pray for me, my husband and our furbabies. We are being attacked by the devil. Going through alot of bad things.

ST | Good morning I am requesting for some prayers on my life as I am going through some health issues, I pray for healing. I am in university and am asking for some prayer for success please I thank you in advance. Amen  

Stephanie | Pastor am asking prayer of healing over my body. Am going through some health issues, high blood pressure. Please I need your help. Pray for me

Keyason | DearPlease can you help me praying for orphans support for food and fees as well widows and church support as well visiting of church people to receive

Mary | I have a small dog her name is Selena she has a cough and acts like she wants to gag. Also I am sick the doctors said that I have acute bronchitis and my COPD is getting worse. Please pray for us. Thank you

Keolebojile | Good day my Pastor pray for me, is for 3 yrs invited for interviews but nothing come out of any of my interviews. I will be sitting for interview from tomorrow, I applied for many posts. My main problem I need a financial breakthrough it is hard.

cornelious mungwala | Bibles for Church Members

Keyavson | I would like to ask you help in praying for agent help Food for the orphans Shelter for the orphans this time of covid 19 Support for church Widows and old aged people

SH | Can you pray for me please am getting alot of time anxiety and pannick attacks.And sometimes a weird feeling in my throat i have been to doctor and they said its nothing,but still all this is happening to me. I also get chest pain and left arm pain and negative thoughts all the time.

Richard | Pray for my marriage. So that we keep believing in and trusting in Jesus.

SC | God should speak Peace in my country and continue to protect over Soldiers in Northeast Operation.

Matthew | Please am facing spiritual marriage. I have suffered a lot please help me

Vijay | Worried about debts heart squeezes plz pray for a financial miracle in my life immediately

Keyawson | for orphans support for food and fees as well widows and church support as well visiting of church people to receive words of God as well strength for us to reach more people.

If you have a prayer request, feel free to reach via the contact form or send an email: 

Sunday 11 October 2020

4 Benefits of Bible Trivia Questions in Youth Ministry

Benefits of Bible Trivia Questions

The aim of the bible trivia questions is to have fun and challenge participants to know, study, and apply the Word of God to their hearts and lives. Competition is a way to motivate members of a Bible study group. 

Group and team study immensely improve friendships, fellowship, discipleship, and accountability among members, the church, and the community in general. 

The Bible Trivia Questions in Youth ministry is not only competition focus but as good as the realistic, actual, and helpfulness in life ministry improvement that is the result of knowing and applying the Living Word of God.

“How can a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to Your word.” Psalm 119:9

“Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You.” Psalm 119:11

“Your word is a lamp to my feet, And a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105


When you join the different types of Bible Trivia Questions, it is the group and team sole wish that you at all times the center of attention should always be your personal relationship with Christ Jesus our Savior and heavenly Father our God. 

The prayer to God is that every participant in the Youth Bible Trivia Questions will know and experience the joy of a deep personal walk with Jesus Christ. This is an exceptional opportunity to help young individuals in discipleship and evangelism. 

Below are the 4 benefits

1. Bible Trivia Questions in Youth Ministry gives leaders a chance and opportunity to develop and improve close relationships with the young people in the church. 

This developed and improved relationship when encouraged and nurtured is essential to using aBible Trivia Questions group and the team as a ministry, rather than a mere form of

competition. The leader's impact and guidance could be tremendous as the leader models the Christian life before the group or team.

2. Bible Trivia Questions in Youth Ministry encourages and motivates young people to comprehensively study the Bible.

In today’s world of negative social influences, How many young people systematically and consistently have Bible study either as an individual or a group/team? Many do not, this is the reality. Bible Trivia Questions is used as a way of developing a consistent daily Bible study time that even allows an adult ( either a leader or a coach) to assess and evaluate the progress and growth in studying the Bible.

3. Bible Trivia Questions in Youth Ministry allows and enables an atmosphere for in-depth Bible study.

By studying the Word of God in this manner for a period of time, the Spirit of God has the opportunity to help persons with guidance to see the meaning of the passage in everyday lives. 

“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.” John 14:26

4. Bible Trivia Questions in Youth Ministry forces and encourage young people to work as a  group/team.

In the preparation meetings, youth are positioned or placed in spots or situations that urge complete teamwork. With this, they learn the importance of dependency upon God and each other.

“And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.” Hebrews 10:24-25

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