Saturday 27 January 2018

When Pastor is building personal kingdom instead of Christ’s kingdom

Some Signals that your Pastor is Establishing His Personal Kingdom

The term pastor comes from a Latin word indicates “shepherd.” In Ephesians 4:1, Paul identifies shepherding “pastors” as a single functionality in the Church alongside teaching, missionary work, evangelism and prophecy. The significance of this role can be viewed through the importance that Jesus placed on it in John 21:15-17 where Jesus charges Peter to feed and tend to His sheep. How is a pastor required to feed and tend to the flock of God? He does this when he is capable watch over and teaches the flock the Word of God (1 Timothy 3:1-2), To develop the flock into readiness and maturity.

Additionally, he carries a responsibility to safeguard the doctrine of the church. Retaining the integrity of the Gospel is considered among the pastor’s greatest callings. Several pastors obtain the title “overseer” as a general command to have their hand in all the things as well as the command to rule the church may well come to extremes too. What are examples of the signals your pastor is establishing his personal kingdom instead of Christ’s kingdom? Listed below are few indicators.

If Pastor Doesn’t Delegate or Assign 

A considerable warning sign that your pastor is creating their personal kingdom happens when he starts to do everything, declining to delegate and assign just about anything. If this occurs, your pastor has excessively control which is no more centred on Christ’s kingdom as well as the role of the church. The gifts of the many people in the church need to be useful to the ministry of the church. Every member of the church needs to be permitted to minister within their unique place in the body. One person can’t do it all.

When the Pastor is the Focus and attention, Not Jesus

Here is one of the truthful threat for pastors. Any time a ministry starts to grow and develops larger in capacity, there exists a real danger of the fact that pastor begins building his personal kingdom rather than the Kingdom of God. Ultimately that gradually, as time passes and practically undetected, the pastor turns into the core of attention and Jesus is swapped on the altar by the man. Without a doubt; this kingdom never will last since it is of man. It may well flourish for a while, however the same is true of a flower after which it’s all gone.

When the Pastor is Surrounded by "Yes Men"

This is often a relatively substantial warning sign and may have very unfavourable ramifications. “Yes men” is the term for those people who only say yes or agree with everything that is made available to them. When a leader desires to achieve success, they need to be prepared to say “no” to “yes men.” The challenge with yes men and people not wanting to differ, lead-up or question their leader is allowing their leader at risk of accepting things as they are. It’s necessary for leaders to develop an atmosphere where people will be open and sincere. In case your pastor isn’t performing this, you ought to be worried.

When the Pastor Overrules the church Board

What if your pastor a loosened cannon? Should they, this will be a wake-up call that possibly they are too controlling and get their eyes focused on a different kingdom. A pastor must not hold the church chequebook in their control. The church deacon or treasurer ought to be in possession of it and need no less than two signatories, and none should be the pastor. When you notice your pastor starting to violate the policies of the church, in that case, this can be a key warning that something is happening that shouldn’t be. A pastor is answerable to the church.

When Pastor Avoids and Resists Accountability

The word accountability means “the quality or condition of being accountable; a responsibility or readiness to acknowledge commitment or to account for one’s actions and activities.” Unfortunately, pastors are certainly not omitted. Attention must be given to a pastor who may have ceased being accountable for job duties. Here is a tremendous warning sign that the pastor is setting up his personal kingdom and not that of God. Pastors create the example for accountability. Keep in mind, a pastor’s basic responsibility is to oversee the church combined with elders, and his emphasis must be mainly spiritual, taking care of issues, for example, edifying believers and equipping the saints to do the ministry work.

When the Pastor is Always and Constantly Right

The moment your pastor is at all times making themselves right or perfect, this is often troublesome for many different reasons. Nobody is always right or perfect, plus pastors. A pastor’s responsibility isn’t to interpret the Bible; their job is to preach the Gospel. It’s not depending on what they think or assume. It’s according to what God says. When your pastor is hesitant to recognize or admit their errors or doesn’t admit an evident mistake, that can be a big warning sign.
Furthermore, if there’s an issue in the church, your pastor needs to be approachable and friendly. If a pastor is indeed unapproachable and not open to constructive worries or criticisms, then he his heart is simply not in the proper place in regards to the ministry.

In conclusion

Generally, all signs including the above mentioned must not be ignored or overlooked. Pastors that don’t delegate and assigns, do not allow input or suggestions, refuse any correction are creating their personal kingdom and never God’s. As soon as they rarely take accountability, always do what they desire no matter what the church policies and bylaws say, this is definitely a pastor that isn’t centred on advancing God’s kingdom. A church can’t survive under this type of leadership.


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Sunday 21 January 2018

Prayer Requests

Today's Prayer Requests

Karuhanga Nelson |  I pray that I should continue to know God and be protected from all sort of evils ,my wife should be helped to get a job and I pray that my school should have increased enrollment and I pray for peace prosperity and increased income in my families I pray for the sick,those in prisons those who lost dear ones and I pray for my country my president I pray for my kids Ethan and Ethan to grow up knowing God

vijay aggarwal | Plz pray for money in abundance for a comfortable life

Ronald Hendrix | Pray for me as we lost a dear family member, pray that God gives me the strength to continue on even though I dont know how, so many problems that I face now Financially and mentally, and the uncertainty of whether I am going to loose my home, or be able to pay the bills,

Marites Rico | Please pray for my whole family my husband. My daughter my don my mother and sister,, please for me carry over my big and many many problems please please... Thank you God and bless us

John Delali Bedzo |  I want the Holy Family of the Trinity , should remember me in their prayers . So that I will be able to go back to school and also evangelist the word of Christ to other who have not heard and receive him as their personal savior. I believe in the Holy Trinity and the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ

VERA BANKSTON-JONES | FATHER GOD, Father thank you for family and friends! Only in you can we stay as one!.......SELAH

OCHUMA JOHNSON | HELLO BRETHREN i have a problem i got saved but i have been bacsliding every day, the evil spirit of fornication and admiring every lady i have not stayed in a relationship for more than 2 months  i am 27 and i really need to settle down and plan for a holly matrimony please help me pray for me over that

Dennis Collins | Prayer for my addiction and to be totally delivered and for the salvation of my son Dennis jr

Serena Williams | Father God I pray for a closer relationship with you.  I surrender my life to you.  I pray you continue to love me,guide me,forgive me,teach me. Order my steps and my words please. I will teach your word in your name. In Jesus name.

patlee |  i pray for healing papillary carcinoma

Hugh | I need to be saved

Abraham | Praise the name is abraham my work gospel workingso praying and my father and mother health problems so prayer for me

UWAWAYAKI WOMEN SOCIETY | Oh Lord .You are the only support of people who need you . Bless our orphans and vulnerable kids in our center and all women and elders .IWe pray in the name of Jesus .Amen

Debra. | Please help Me pray for strength , health , family , stress , and anxiety relief also for my family and I to be Finacial ok . To relieve us of all this worry . For god to stay by our side . Amen

Evang. Israel Ashorobi | Breakthrough in Ministry and increase in knowledge and divine wisdom. More Zeal to walk in divine power to do the work of God,Make wealth and touch lives.More peaceful and blessed marriage. Lastly a prayer of an uncommon Revival for the body of Christ world wide and our nations.


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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Most Dangerous Countries To Live As a Christian

List of most dangerous countries on the planet as a Christian

Researchers found 1 in 12 Christians face extreme repression and that female followers are some of the most targeted

-List reveals the nations most probably to persecute religion's followers, with North Korea at the very top
-List ranks world countries based on level of violence against Christians and pressure on religious life
-North Korea came out top for the 16th year running followed by Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and Pakistan
-Causes were radical Islam and governments using religious persecution to support their power, report said

These are the 50 countries in the world where it is most dangerous to be a Christian, according to a study by organisation Open Doors which measured levels of violence against followers and pressures put on their daily lives 

North Korea, Afghanistan and Somalia are the most dangerous countries in the world to be a Christian, according to a new report.

The list was put together by Christian organisation Open Doors which ranked world countries by violence against the religion's followers and pressure place on their everyday life.

Researchers found that 1 in 12 Christians worldwide experience high levels of persecution, with repression by radical Islamic regimes being the main driver.

Other causes include weak governments using religious nationalism to prop up their power in places like India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, and the resurgence of Islam in central Asian countries such as Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

North Korea has topped Open Doors' list since 2002 thanks to the brutal repression of all religions, but especially Christians, by the Kim regime.

North Korea topped the list for the 16th year running thanks to the Kim regime's brutal repression of all religion. Christians form part of the third and lowest caste of North Korean society, and are actively discriminated against

Not only are the Kim family leaders of the state, they are also the state religion, and worshipping any deity over them is considered treasonous. Neighbours and relatives are asked to watch out for suspicious behaviour and report it.

Christians, along with Buddhists, form part of the lowest caste of North Korean society, meaning they are subject to constant observation and actively discriminated against with regards to receiving jobs, entering into college, and receiving supplies by the regime.

Afghanistan is Islamic by constitution, which means government officials, ethnic group leaders, religious officials and citizens are hostile toward adherents of any other religion, the report says.

For that reason Christians are without the benefit of property and businesses while being put through beatings and are often killed for practicing their religion.

Somalia, which expects all citizens to be Muslim and is also home to the extremist al-Shabaab group, came in third

In Somalia, Islam is also the state religion and all Somalis are required to follow the faith. Imams and madrasas have stated publicly that there is no room for Christianity nationwide, the report says, while militant group al-Shabaab also threatens Christians with death.

At the moment the report was being put together, researchers recorded 3,066 cases of Christians being killed 1,252 abductions; 1,020 instances of rape or sexual harassment; and 793 church attacks.

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Sunday 14 January 2018

Chinese authorities Dynamite Christian Megachurch

Chinese Authorities Blow up Christian Megachurch with Dynamite

The Golden Lampstand Church in 2009

ASIA: Chinese authorities have demolished a well-known Christian megachurch, inflaming long-standing tensions between religious groups and the Communist Party.

Witnesses and overseas activists said the paramilitary People's Armed Police used dynamite and excavators to destroy the Golden Lampstand Church, which has a congregation of more than 50,000, in the city of Linfen in Shaanxi province.

ChinaAid, a US-based Christian advocacy group, said local authorities planted explosives in an underground worship hall to demolish the structure following, developed with nearly $2.6m in contributions from local worshippers in one of China's poorest regions.

The church had faced "repeated persecution" by the Chinese government, said ChinaAid. Hundreds of police and hired thugs smashed the building and seized Bibles in an earlier crackdown in 2009 that ended with the arrest of church leaders.

Those church leaders received prison sentences of up to seven years for charges of illegally occupying farmland and disturbing traffic order, reported by state media.

The Golden Lampstand Church in Shanxi Province was destroyed this week by paramilitary police officers

There are approximately 60 million Christians in China, the majority of whom worship in independent congregations such as the Golden Lampstand. Many millions of Christians, Buddhists and Muslims also worship in state-sanctioned assemblies.

However, the surging rise in popularity of non-state-approved churches has raised the ire of authorities, cautious of any threats to the officially atheist Communist Party's strict political and social control.

The video below shows the destruction of the Golden lampstand Church in Shanxi Province this week by Chinese paramilitary police officers.

Freedom of religion is guaranteed under China's constitution, so local authorities in many cases are considered using technicalities to attack unregistered churches. Charges of land or building violations and disturbing the peace include the most common.

The state-run Global Times newspaper reported the official basis for the destruction was the structure did not hold the required permits.

"A Christian offered his farmland to a local Christian association so they privately built a church using the cover of building a warehouse," a government department official was quoted as saying.

Religious groups must register with local religious affairs authorities under Chinese law, the report said, adding the church was illegally constructed nearly about ten years ago in violation of building codes.

Pictures made available by ChinaAid revealed the church's steeple and cross toppled in a large pile of rubble.

The authorities used dynamite and heavy machinery to raze the Protestant megachurch.

“The repeated persecution of Golden Lampstand Church demonstrates that the Chinese government has no respect for religious freedom or human rights,” said ChinaAid president and founder Bob Fu.

He added: “ChinaAid calls on the international community to openly condemn the bombing of this church building and urge the Chinese government to fairly compensate the Christians who paid for it and immediately cease these alarming demolitions of churches.”

A pastor at a nearby church, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he saw large numbers of paramilitary police on Tuesday surrounding the area around the church, which was being taken apart by heavy machinery. He later heard a loud explosion.

The Golden Lampstand Church was built by husband and wife evangelists Wang Xiaoguang and Yang Rongli as a permanent home for their followers.

The couple had been preaching around Linfen since 1992, establishing congregations in improvised spaces such as factory dormitories and greenhouses.

While authorities did not block the church's construction, they later cracked down on it, and the couple and other church leaders were sent to prison.

ChinaAid said authorities also demolished a Catholic church in Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi province, on 27 December. Officials smashed crosses and confiscated statues, the Eucharistic altar, and other religious artefacts as they demolished the building with heavy machinery, the organisation said.

The demolition prompted more 100 church members to protest in front of government offices this week.

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Saturday 13 January 2018

Control of Jerusalem

Israel Moves to Strengthen Control of Jerusalem

The Israeli parliament a week ago passed a law that will need a supermajority vote to cede control over any part of Jerusalem.

The move is Israel’s most recent attempt to exert full power over Jerusalem since U.S. President Donald Trump recognized it as the Israeli capital. The latest law shows how far away peace between Israel and Palestine remains.

The amendment to the Jerusalem Law requires approval from at least 80 of the 120 members of the Israeli parliament, or Knesset, to relinquish Israel’s control over any part of the city. The law also enables the government to remove Palestinian territories from Jerusalem and turn them instead into separate municipalities under Israeli control.

Israel claims Jerusalem as its united capital, while Palestinians want East Jerusalem to serve as the capital of their future state. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said the Israeli law is “tantamount to declaring war on the Palestinian people.”

Alan Baker, director of the contemporary affairs institute with the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, told me the law serves more as a political statement. Lawmakers can repeal it with a simple majority of 61 parliamentary votes. “I can’t see any situation where Israel, whatever political party is leading, will give up any part of Jerusalem,” Baker said, ”so it’s probably more symbolic than anything else.”

Ramzy Baroud, the editor of the Palestine Chronicle, said Israeli lawmakers are using the laws to further isolate Jerusalem and clear Palestinians from the city. “They understand that the unparalleled U.S. support must be exploited to the maximum and that any delay on those bills would be a missed opportunity,” Baroud wrote for Arab News.

In a historic move in early December, Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The announcement sparked protests in Palestine and several other countries. Palestinians now worry Trump’s declaration emboldened Israel’s ruling party. In a similar move last week, the ruling Likud party’s central committee passed a non-binding, unanimous resolution that urged lawmakers to annex Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Abbas commented the resolution would not happen “without the full support of the U.S. administration.”

Attempts last year to revive peace talks between Israel and Palestine showed no progress. Baker said Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital will likely have no impact on the peace process since it still remains at a stalemate. After a Saturday meeting with ministers from Palestine, Egypt, and other Arab states, Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said Arab states will push for an international resolution to make East Jerusalem the Palestinian capital. “We want to lessen any losses on the Palestinian side and lessen the Israeli gains,” said Ahmed Aboul Gheit, head of the Arab League.


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Prayer Requests

Today's Prayer Requests

Steph | Please pray for my family as my daughter's dad is in jail, please pray for his sobriety,as well as the financial issues at our home. Amen

VERA BANKSTON-JONES | FATHER GOD, I see things that I never thought existed in my life. There are some wonderful people in my life after all, everybody's not a knucklehead! Thank you for putting real people in my path!.......SELAH

Phylis Aba Koomson | Please i want you to Remember me in your prayers that go should deliver me from evil thoughts against God and Spirits of doubtness that makes me the doubt God's Word....I pray everyday for God to Remember me, have mercy and save me..

Leo Sourisseau | Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus - I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return. Amen.

Sheltravia Hankerson | My mom died 4 years ago, the person I live with treats me unwanted and bad.

Ricky Agdahan | Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ, I am a Mother tongue bible translator in Matigsalug language in the Philippines. Also, I am a current student taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education.  My source of income is from being MTT but this current year we don't have enough source to continue this Ministry(BIBLE TRANSLATION). In line with this, I ask you brothers and sisters in Christ to help us to pray that this ministry will continue. God will lead us to a persons willing to help us financially and prayer.

Deborah Deveroux | After a botched back surgery I am bedridden and in a power chair, although I can stand briefly I am in constant excruciating pain. I pray that God helps me to restore my health and to remove me from the constant pain and medications. The surgery also caused a pulmonary embolism, I beg God to have mercy on me and help me.

vijay aggarwal | Plz pray for money in abundance for a comfortable life
Rev.nipun roy | Pray for we need build 80 church building in india and across the world .God provide all our needs.

Terressa | Pray that all people find their purpose and live for god.Be charitable without judging and give even if you go without.

Dare |  Please, help pray for divine favour and connection to my helper and God should grant me great testimonies concerning my hearth long desire.

Shed | Lord settle me in the land where l live. Change my immigration status and grant my British citizen

Kelvin Fernando | Pray for prison reform worldwide to be more like Norway in treatment of prisoners and for prisoners to be saved.

Maria Garza | I lord I plea my pition.. I don't want to loose my house when I make my income I just hope it covers my bak up payment ..and then keep up with the payments,, and bless my Fiancee whom only u can change him and think Straight to grow up and grow together and be blessed in ur Sight God. Plus bless our Prosperity as Well and Children and grandchildren. And my future inlaws to hv a good Heart for They know what they do. And Lord Jesus I Love You and Bless You For Being So kind and Full of Grace and Love U Mean The World To Me Always,, I would Be Lost without you.. Jesus We Luv u.

krishan | Please pray for all those suffering injustice in silence that these beings may find a way out of such pain, sorrow and hurt for themselves and other beings in similar situations. Amen

Randy Smith |  Please say a prayer for my son this morning. Just for God to look after him. His name is Michael. Thank you brother's and sisters.

lena griffin | pray for me that god will ues me and . I pray that god ope up my my spiritual ear's so I can hear him talk to me.i'm asking god for a triple anointing .i'm asking god to open up my spiritual eye's to see in the spiritual realm and be able to see things before its happens .ask god for wisdom and knowledge and understanding in this words I ask god when I read that god just let scriptures come to me. I just want to be use by god.pray that he give me unlimited favor with peoples .and he give me discernment in other peoples .that he let mr properside to peoples .I'm asking god to help me to get my own restaurant and my bakery and my store up an started and be able to get my own land and own home .I just wanna feed the needed and help peoples .pray that my husband Samuel stop drinking an smoking and get save ,and pray for his family they don't like me .pray that god will give us a long life and pray that my nephew zerbazz will eat and gain weight .that god will heal his !
 stomach and let him eat. and get his appetite back and pray for mr willie linsay. he had a stroke and he went in a combmer.and pray for me my leg it stays swollen every since I had my stroke .and pray that these headaches go away pray that my kidney working fine and also pray for my eyes .that tell me I have diabetes in my eyes an pray rhat I don't have no blood clot in no part of my body .and pray that god will heal me off this boils coming on me .and pray for my husband that he continue be health .and pray that his child support back time be wipe out and pray that all my debts be fully cancelation .I belive god going to do it .just pray for the crayton family and the griffin family and davis family an the greer family and peepbles family and carter family and the weir family

pastor premadhararao palivela | we are distributing the holy bibles freely who took the baptism newly and poor and needyso please provide to me bibles in our local language ''TELUGU BIBLES'' this is my urge and humble request only

PASTOR.V.VARA PRASAD | .i thank you very much for your kind prayers towards my lords ministry here.By the grace of God through your prayers our 2 church activities are going on well.


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Reason Marketplace Is a Great Place for Christians

Seven Reasons Why a Marketplace Is a Great Place for Christians

If God has called you into business, please don’t wish you were called somewhere else. A marketplace is a great place for Christians right now. Here’s why:

Marketplace opportunities

1. Almost all non-Christians are in the marketplace

Today, less than 20% of Americans attend church regularly. In many European countries, the percentages are much lower. At the current rate, regular church attendance is projected to drop to 11.7% by 2050.

The good news is that these people who aren’t attending church will still be waking up to go to work alongside their Christian co-workers in the marketplace each morning.

2. Almost all Christians are in the marketplace

At least 85% of the Christian workforce spends 60-70% of their waking hours in the marketplace. In addition to serving our families and our local churches, the marketplace is the primary context in which our spiritual gifts should be used. The ministry potential for Christians using their spiritual gifts collaboratively in the marketplace is astounding!

(In case you don’t know what your spiritual gifts are, my forthcoming book will include a spiritual gifts assessment as well as teaching on how you can use your unique gifts for ministry in the marketplace.)

3. Discipleship actually can happen in the marketplace

Church leaders often are criticized for the lack of discipleship and spiritual growth among their congregations. Let’s give our pastors a break. How much discipleship actually can happen during a two-hour church service on Sunday?

Discipleship-that is, becoming more like Jesus-happens in everyday life. Yes, discipleship can happen anywhere… even during a two-hour, lecture-style event on Sunday. However, the potential for discipleship and ministry investment in a weekly service is a fraction of what is possible during an entire work-week spent with our co-workers, clients, etc.

4. The marketplace is a more authentic showroom of Christianity

If you were shopping for a car, you’d probably go to a showroom. Before you bought anything, you’d probably want to see if the car actually functions properly on the road. You might even ask the dealer to allow you to take the car home for a day or two to test it out.

The local church is like the showroom for Christianity. The marketplace is the test drive. The marketplace is where our unbelieving co-workers get to see if they really want what we have. Daily, they see how we react under pressure. They see how we treat people. They see how much God truly matters to us in our daily lives.

As mentioned in “Reason #1,” most people aren’t even coming to the “showroom” anymore, so marketplace Christians are now serving as both the showroom and the test drive of Christianity.

marketplace Christians

5. The marketplace forces the Church to use all of its capabilities

Personality-driven and super-pastor Christianity don’t work in the marketplace. Having a bunch of Christians sitting on the sidelines of ministry may not prevent a local church from increasing numerically, but it won’t transform the marketplace for the glory of God.

So far, most of the teaching about “marketplace ministry” has been defining marketplace ministry without regard for people’s unique spiritual gifts. For example, if I have an apostolic gift, of course I’m going to view marketplace ministry as a mandate to “ascend and take the Business Mountain for God” (see 7 Mountains). If I have a pastoral gift (i.e. marketplace chaplains), of course I’m going to view marketplace ministry as a calling to “care for the personal needs of my employees and/or co-workers.”

We need to approach marketplace ministry in a way that leverages the spiritual gifts of all Christians in the marketplace. The “one-size-fits-all” approach only produces self-condemnation and ineffectiveness for marketplace Christians attempting to operate outside of their God-given spiritual gifts.

6. Denominational divisions are less-destructive in the marketplace

We can choose whether to attend a Baptist Church, Pentecostal-Charismatic Church, Presbyterian Church, a Non-Denominational Church, etc… but most of us don’t have the luxury of co-working only with Christians with whom we agree theologically. The marketplace has a way of diluting some of these differences. This opens the door to collaborative ministry beyond the walls of our local churches and traditions.

7. Everything gets funded from the marketplace

All money comes from value that has been created in the marketplace, and business professionals ultimately decide what gets funded. These business professionals need to know God and His plan for their lives in order to make righteous decisions concerning money.

Although business is often thought of only as the economic engine of the Church, I hope that we will begin to see and realize its full potential for transforming society for the glory of God.

Discussion: In addition to these seven reasons, what is another reason why God is mobilizing Christian business professionals for ministry in the marketplace?

Written by  Darren Shearer

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Praise and Worship

The Act of Praise and Worship

Power of Praise

Before we try to find out what is the act of praising and worshipping God, we should first find out what does it exactly mean when we say that. When we worship God, we are showing our love and devotion to Him. To worship out God involves something like praying, singing his hymns and praises, or simply reading from the Bible.

However, that is just a limited definition and understanding of “worship” as it worship encompasses way more than that. Praising, on the other hand, is a different part. When we praise God, we express our admiration for Him. We are extolling him in for all that he gives. Praise is the act of celebrating about God. Praise can be done with singing, poetry or simply confessing his goodness to others through preaching. Therefore, to be a good Christian, we should worship God and give our praise to Him daily.

We can do this at many places, in our homes, at work or wherever we happen to be. Praising and worshipping God is not only a way of life, but it is essential for every Christian.? The Scriptures direct us to praise and worship God in the following way:

1.The Holy Bible asks us, followers, to use musical instruments while singing in worship by saying that a worshipping group should show enthusiasm and strength of faith by playing those instruments with full rigour and joy and blow the Ram’s horn (Shofar) when playing the music.

2.Similarly, Psalm 150:3-5 says, that we should play these instruments such as harps, lyres, cymbals, strings, and trumpets while singing in praise of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit and seeking their light to lead our lives.

 3.We the followers are expected to conduct our worship and praise lord with joyful shouts and by clapping our hands. Psalm 47:1-2 says that all nations following the Christ, let them clap their hands and let the cries of joy be shouted out loud, for the Lord above us all is so glorious and great above us.

4.It also says that we should engage in the praise and worship of our God, both individually and in a group. 2 Chronicles 29:28 mentions of an assembly of worshipers bowed down, while the singers sang the Lord’s praises and played the trumpets. Psalm 22:22 says about a worshiper who says to the Lord that he will declare his name to his compatriots and sing his praises. 2 Samuel 12:20 says about David that when he woke up, he put on his clothes, got ready, went to the house of their God and worshipped.

The Biblical examples that are given below share with us the various forms and positions that we can use for praising and worshipping God:
When it comes to your Sitting position, -Acts 2:1-2 says that at the Day of The Pentecost, all the faithful followers came together and sat in the house and suddenly a sound like a violent came and filled in the room.

When it comes to Dancing, -Psalm 149:3 says that let the faithful sing the praises of our Lord while they dance to the tunes of tambourine and harp.

When it comes to Lifting hands, -Psalm 63:4 says that a follower will praise the name of Jesus while they are alive and thus lift their hands to show that symbolically.

When it comes to Bowing head, -2 Chronicles 29:30 says that King Ezekiah and his men ordered the Levites to praise the Lord as did David and Asaph. Following his orders, they bowed his head down in front of God and sang his praises.

When it comes to Lying prostrate/bowing down -1 Kings 18:39 says that when people saw the miracle of God, they prostrated and cried to him. Nehemiah 8:6 says that when Ezra praised to God, all the people in congregation lifted their hands and yelled “Amen.” And then they bowed down and worshipped their God.

When it comes to Standing, -Exodus 33:10 says, whenever they witnesses a pillar of cloud at the entrance of his tent, they worshipped the pillar of cloud.

When it comes to Kneeling -Psalms 95:6 says that worshipping is submissions to our God and hence, we should kneel in front of him and pray to him.

We hope this guides you to praise our Lord and worship in the right way as our book; The Holy Bible directs us to do.

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Monday 8 January 2018

The (Sometimes Frustrating) Gift of Sex

There's Hope for every Marriage

Dr. Juli Slattery believes there's hope for every marriage.

Psychologist, author, and TCW blogger Dr. Juli Slattery is dedicated to helping women pursue passion in their marriages. But, for many wives, deep frustrations are holding them back from experiencing the sexual intimacy they long for.
We spoke with Juli about the common causes of sexual frustration, her counsel for women facing sexual challenges, and the spiritual hope women can find in these difficult situations.

Many Christian couples deal with sexual frustration but feel very alone-as if everyone else is having a great time in the bedroom while they’re missing out. But is that true? How common is sexual frustration for married couples?

That feeling of others having great sex while you’re not is perpetuated by the movies and also by the fact that when a couple stays silent about it, it’s easy to think they’re the only ones having that problem. In reality, I’d say that only about 10 to 15 percent of couples do not have some significant frustration when it comes to sexuality. So it’s far more common to run into some sort of brick wall that really is difficult.

What do you see as the most common sources of frustration, pain, or disappointment for Christian women?

The first is not being able to enjoy sex. Perhaps she can’t enjoy sex because of physical pain or because it’s always just about what her husband needs and she can’t seem to get anything from it. The second most common frustration is due to a difference in desire levels, whether it’s the woman who wants sex more often and the husband doesn’t, or whether it’s the other way around.

For some Christian women, there’s an emotional desire to experience sex as something beautiful, passionate, and God-honoring, but there’s a disconnect with their actual physical experience. A woman may be frustrated because, in reality, she’s engaging in sexual intimacy more out of duty than real sexual desire. What encouragement would you offer for someone in that situation?

First, we need to recognize that female sexuality is way more complicated than male sexuality. Many couples don’t go into marriage fully grasping that. They just assume that somehow this is all going to work out and he’ll get his needs met and she’ll get her needs met. What often ends up happening is that, because the man’s needs are more obvious, he’s typically more vocal about them, and he knows how to get his needs met.

For many couples, the first several years of marriage become about the man’s sexuality, and what they do in the bedroom becomes about how the man gets satisfied. This often happens without couples even realizing it-and nobody stops to ask, What happened to the wife’s needs?

It’s not that hard for a woman to love a guy sexually in the moment, but it can be very difficult for a man to learn how to unlock his wife’s sexuality-especially when she might not even know how herself.

I do think that that’s a common struggle for Christian women-especially those who saved themselves sexually until marriage. They might not know where to begin in terms of their own sexual needs and desires.

Yes. For example, a husband may ask, “What do you want? What feels good?” And she’ll say, “I don’t know.” Then she might start to cry or get frustrated and give up. The average couple just proceeds like that over the course of their marriage; their sex life becomes all about what he wants and he needs, but it may be because she doesn’t know what she wants and what she needs.
The first step is recognizing that this sort of pattern is not what God intended. In order for sex to be fulfilling for the wife and the husband, it is going to take serious intentionality and focus on learning who she is sexually.

Some women have been in a marriage like that for 10 or 15 years and they start to believe, There must be something wrong with my body; I guess I just can never enjoy sex. That’s just not true! There’s most likely nothing wrong with your body-and if there is, it’s most likely something that’s very easily fixed. It often has a whole lot more to do with your mind, your emotions, and your spiritual beliefs about sexuality.

One reason a wife may feel there is something wrong with her body is if she is unable to reach climax. That can be a very deep, emotional wound for a woman.

I’m not a medical doctor, but from everything I’ve read from a medical perspective, a struggle to achieve climax is almost never a physical problem. While there can be hormone imbalances and things like that which impact sexual desire and response, it’s almost never due to an anatomical difficulty. The vast majority of the time, this sort of struggle has to do with a woman’s mind and what’s underlying her thinking about sexuality.

Sometimes orgasm starts to feel like the goal that she can never achieve, so even sex play has an implicit pressure for both the husband and wife-like, Is it going to happen now? It’s kind of like when you know you have to get to sleep and you’re so frustrated that you can’t sleep that as you work yourself up, you become less likely to fall asleep, and you get more and more upset.
And the same thing is true for a woman in this situation. A continual cycle of disappointment and frustration makes it even less likely that she’s going to overcome that difficulty.

How can a woman take steps to heal if she feels stuck in a painful cycle of disappointment?

I think the solution to this kind of struggle is a combination of two things. First, it means letting [climax] go as the ultimate goal. And I’d love for a woman in that situation to sit down and list all of the things that are wonderful about sex between her and her husband. For example, she might write, It’s just between him and me and we have secrets that are fun to keep.

Sometimes we laugh together. It feels good to be able to meet his needs. It feels good when he touches me here. To realize that sex really is about more than climaxing-that there are so many good things happening-is a first step. Making climax the only goal is really robbing you of all the other gifts involved.

The second thing is not to give up hope. Don’t settle for a mindset like, Well, I guess it’s just never really going to happen for me. Instead, begin to work on it and pray that God will bring the fullness of what he wants for you and your husband sexually.

Practically speaking, how can couples work on this issue together?

I’d recommend Cliff and Joyce Penner’s book Restoring the Pleasure, which explains how couples can engage in an exercise called “sensate focus” that can help a woman become more aware of her body and pleasure. It’s also important to keep in mind that many women can’t have an orgasm without direct stimulation to the clitoris. This means that many wives need manual stimulation-not just the friction of intercourse. So don’t be shy about making this a normal part of your sexual interaction with your husband.

Sexual frustration can lead a wife to start to feel resentful toward her husband. How can she handle those feelings?

At the core of this is the common frustration that your husband isn’t like you. Whether it’s because he wants sex more often or less often or differently than you want it, that can really set both of you up for a lot of underlying anger and resentment.
For me, as a wife, it was really huge to let go of some of that anger I felt and to realize that it could be that God intentionally made me and my husband very different for his purposes. In fact, frustration is actually part of the whole gift of sex.

Think of it this way: if you and your husband were exactly the same and had the same desire, then having sex would cost you nothing. You could be selfish and be a great lover at the same time. But the way God designed it, it’s impossible to be selfish and be a great lover at the same time. It requires of you to do what Philippians 2 tells us to do: to consider the other person’s needs as more important than your own and to have a spirit of humility.

That’s what God wants in us more than anything else: he wants us to have the right heart toward our spouse. If sexual frustration is one of the things he uses, then ultimately that’s a good thing if we handle it right.

We don’t normally think of sexual frustration as a spiritual growth catalyst! What can it look like for frustration in this area to actually help a woman become more spiritually mature?

Let me just share how God is teaching me this. About seven or eight years ago, I was in that place of a woman who really was resentful about sex. Yet at the same time that I felt that way, I also had a very close walk with the Lord.
I distinctly remember one time when I was praying: Lord, I’m yours. How do you want me to serve you? I’m willing to go to the mission field for you-I’m willing to do whatever you call me to. And God clearly started to challenge me in my heart: You’re willing to do all these things, but are you willing to go up and initiate sex with your husband? Put down your Bible and go up and show your husband love.
That really hit me. I think a lot of women are in that place where they would do anything for the Lord, but this is such a tangible thing to give-and it can be such a difficult thing to give. It’s a true test of not just your devotion to your husband but also your devotion to God.

God challenged me to look at my own selfishness in a very tangible way. We hear over and over and over again from the world, “It’s your body, it’s your right.” Yes, we definitely need to hear that in certain circumstances-but Scripture also tells us that it’s not only your body. Your husband also has authority over your body. Scripture challenges both husbands and wives with a very different message: it’s not okay to be selfish with your body.

What’s the most important thing you’d like to say to Christian couples who are currently facing sexual challenges?

Look at the sexual frustration you’re experiencing not as a stop sign, but actually as something that can take you to a deeper level of intimacy with your husband. In working with couples who have been through every frustration you can imagine-from pornography addiction to adultery to physical pain during sex to many other difficulties-those who have persevered and sought the Lord through the process have, without exception, said, "I would never give up what we’ve learned. That was the hardest thing we’ve had to go through, but we are so much closer than we ever could have been if we had not gone through that trial."

Are you sexually frustrated in your marriage? Seek the Lord, work through the obstacle you’re facing, and do so with the hope that the intimacy that you build is going to be so much better than what you initially thought sex could be.

By Kelli B. Trujillo        Read what sex outside marriage says about you

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Saturday 6 January 2018

Prayer Requests

Today's Prayer Requests

Karuhanga Nelson |  I pray that I should continue to know God and be protected from all sort of evils ,my wife should be helped to get a job and I pray that my school should have increased enrollment and I pray for peace prosperity and increased income in my families I pray for the sick,those in prisons those who lost dear ones and I pray for my country my president I pray for my kids Ethan and Ethan to grow up knowing God

vijay aggarwal | Plz pray for money in abundance for a comfortable life

Ronald Hendrix | Pray for me as we lost a dear family member, pray that God gives me the strength to continue on even though I dont know how, so many problems that I face now Financially and mentally, and the uncertainty of whether I am going to loose my home, or be able to pay the bills,

VERA BANKSTON-JONES | FATHER GOD, Into this new year I'll try so hard to be all I can be, keeping in step with was real, trying to keep my health up to par, and in truth with you Father!.......SELAH

April Asbury | Needing prayers for my family. We are struggling financially. So afraid we're going to be homeless again as we were for 4 mo in 2017. Needing prayers for my daughter as well. She was victimized at the end of last May. Her attacker is yet to be arrested. The law enforcement agencies involved both feel they have enough to arrest this person. It's the prosecutor who's keeping the case from going forward & Justice being sought not only for my daughter but for another little girl. Prayers for me to grow in Christ & be the Christian He wants me to be. I recently started going to church. I pray God opens my husband's heart & he'll start going to church with us. I pray 2018 is the year that both my husband & daughter are baptized. Lastly, please pray for my youngest son who's serving in the Army. Prayers with all our military & their families. Ty.

Joel | I want God to give me total grace to obey Him in everything for the rest of my life,divine provision,multiple promotion in my car and total protection upon my household

MG | I want to first thank the lord for letting me see another year. Im asking for prayer help for speedy response of an favorable decision in my petition to the USCIS im asking god to write his name all over my papers saying approved in jesus name amen

patpeng | My health   

WA -  I would like prayers for a new job, restored health, security, and a new love. In jess name, amen.

GFM - Prayer for prosperity

VA - Plz pray for money in abundance for a comfortable life

My is Laura Nicolás I ask for prayer for God to bless my marriage and strengthen my marriage and grant a petition that we have. I know that my God still works miracles. for him there is nothing impossible amen

Anibal Peralta ||  Dear Brothers. We reach the gospel in the tribal and river villages here in the Amazon jungle, we would like to ask some bibles in Spanish language to reach in our missionary trips. We look forward hearing from you. ANIBAL PERALTA GUEVARA CORREO CENTRAL . IQUITOS, LORETO PERU

Charles boles | I want god to bless me with a car and a good friend to talk to

Christian Ngando | Please put us in prayer for our Church


Celebrating Christmas with Borneo Natives

Celebrating the birth of Christ with Sarawak Natives at Rumah Dian

I wrote previously of the purpose of celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ in everyday life with everyone. I had the privilege to celebrate with Borneo Natives in Sarawak together with my local church as one of the programs organized to foster community relationship and building themed 'Spread the Joy'. A week ealier it was Christmas procession that displayed unity and oneness in Christ Jesus.

Matthew 28:19-20 says Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

It was a wonderful experience for most of us, the two days, one night with the natives at Rumah Dian (longhouse) shows us the simple lifestyle and easy going day to day life of these natives. we were given the opportunity of sharing Christ and by the grace of God, souls were saved. All glory to God Almighty.

Photos and videos below

24 gates longhouse with morethan 150 residence

24 gate longhouse. Rumah Dian

natives preparing local delicacy

longhouse view

getting ready for night meeting

night meeting praise and worship led by sis. Anita

dance practice

Morning session

prayer session

With Life Church Members

Prayer session 

Prayer session with pst Anti, pst Alfeus and bro. Amin

bro. Austin and Sis. Anita during praise and worship

Pst. Alfeus presenting love gift to Community cheif 

Dance and praise parade around the longhouse.

With Tuai rumah 

opening of love gift 

Parade across all 24 pintus led by Pst Anti and Pst. Alfeus

Declaring the presence of the Lord Jesus 

Presentation of love gift

Pst. Anti Anti Intering

Sunday School with the children

gift love to the community

Life church members with community chief. sis.Mercy, sis Iris, Tuai rumah Dian ak Ramba  & Bro. Gideon

Visiting Life Church Members

Life church members with Taui rumah

Night session teaching by Pst Anti

prayer by pst Anti and bro. Amin for community head 

Altar call. Glory to God Almighy

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