Wednesday 6 December 2017

What happened To Lebanon Christians

My 911 Happened To Me in 1975 -Brigette Gabriel

As a 10 year old girl, Brigitte Gabriel did not have to read about radical Islam from a textbook, or through stories. She experienced it. When her native homeland, Lebanon, was bombed by Islamic terrorists, the rubble of her home was around her, along with the sounds and smells that come along with that. After escaping with her life, she later became an American citizen. She thought all of the memories and realities of Radical Islam were long gone. That all came crashing down when the events of September 11th struck terror in the hearts of America. This event was different for her than most. As most Americans had never experienced terrorism at such a level, this brought all of the pain and emotions that Gabriel thought she had left, back to the surface of her own life.

It was the terrorizing events of September 11th that changed Gabriel’s life, in more ways than one. Gabriel was about 10 years old when she experienced the terrorist attacks in Lebanon. At that moment, she asked her father why this was happening. Fast forward a few decades, and she found herself reciting the very same words of her father, when her daughter asked her why the events of September 11th were happening. “Mommy why did they do this to us?” Gabriel continues, “and I found myself looking at my daughter and repeating to her exactly what my daddy told me in Lebanon, 30 years ago. ‘They hate us because they consider us Infidels and they want to kill us because we are Christians.’” It was this very moment that defined in her what she has been called to do in her life, as an American, to be an activist against Radical Islam and to educate Western Civilization about Radical Islam.

It is this very understanding of who Gabriel is, and her background, that emphasizes her authority when speaking about Radical Islam. As noted earlier, her knowledge does not come from books, or writing a thesis, but from personal experience. This was truly demonstrated when she spoke about the history of the ideology of Islam recently at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC. It is no surprise to say that Radical Islam is a national threat today. Gabriel openly addresses this concern by stating, “...what I’m going to do right now is crunch 1,400 years of Islamic history in 5 minutes and make it as exciting as I can possibly make it.”  As she begins speaking, she underlines her speech with the wisdom, “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Often times, the Western Culture has been unaware of the original foundations of Islam. Gabriel continues by explaining how Islam started with the prophet Mohammed and his “revelation.” As Mohammed desired to make this “revelation” known to others, it was made known to only his immediate family and friends. Unsatisfied with the results, Mohammed went to Medina in hopes of a better response to Jews in Medina.  So, he took excerpts from the Old Testament. Gabriel expresses, “This is why you see a lot of similarities between Judaism and Islam. For example, Jews don’t eat pigs. Muslims don’t eat pigs. Jews pray few times a day. Muslims pray few times a day. Jews fast on Yom Kippur. Muslims fast on Ramadan.”

She continues to emphasize how the original spiritual beginnings of Islam took a militant turn, as we are seeing now in the world with ISIS. The response of the Jewish audience didn’t have the response as Mohammed had hoped. When Mohammed was once for them, he was now against the Jews. “That’s when Islam went from a spiritual movement for the first 12 years of Islam into a political movement cloaked in religion.” It was this very reaction that caused Jews and Christians to be viewed as ‘second class citizens’, or “Dhimmi”, in Islamic language.

As the militant movement against the Jews continued under the leadership of Mohammed, he created his own methods of marking those that he was against. “Jews and Christians were given identifiable clothing. The yellow star, which was given to the Jews that most people think, is a German invention. It was actually an Islamic invention, in the 9th Century, in Iraq…” It is this very revealing truth of history that causes one to pay more attention to the mindset -shattering truths that Gabriel offered to all of those who listened. She continued to express the true events of what took place during The Crusades, The history of The Caliphate, the significance of ISIS, the history of Yasser Arafat and why the current peace treaty with Iran regarding their nuclear program MEANS NOTHING TO IRAN.

Be not only educated, but empowered in truth to know how to respond to the events facing our culture today, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment. Also shared in this segment: prophet Mohammed, Islam, Medina, military, the yellow star, persecution, Jizyah tax, Ben Carson, Donald Trump, Radical Islam, Germany, The Crusades, Saudi Arabia, Taqiya, Mecca, peace treaties, Yasser Arafat, Oslo Accord, Iran, Nuclear Agreement, Afghanistan, and The United Nations.

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