Monday 14 May 2018

‘I Want to Glorify God’-Jennie Finch-Daigle

Christian Refuses to Dance to ‘Bisexual Anthem’ on ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

A Christian female athlete is being applauded for standing up for her beliefs and refusing to dance to a “risqué” song on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

Professional softball player Jennie Finch-Daigle told the show’s producer after which her dance partner that she couldn’t dance to Janelle Monáe's song “Make Me Feel,” that is made up of effective lyrics and highlights on bisexuality. It’s even been referred to as “bisexual anthem.”

“I’m not really sure about the song,” she told dance partner Keo Motsepe during a rehearsal broadcast on the May 7 episode. “It’s just not me.”

Motsepe told her to “just relax” and that he would “make it work.”

Viewers then heard a phone call between her and the producer in which she said, “I’m struggling with my song choice. It’s a little too risqué. I’m just not feeling comfortable with it. I can’t go through with it.”

She later told Motsepe, “I wish to follow who I am and defend what I believe.”

Mainly because of the change in songs, both of them had only three days to put together a new dance.

Finch-Daigle later told reporters, as reported by US Weekly, “I want to glorify God out there, and that just wasn’t a great choice for me to do that.”

She won a gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics and a silver medal in 2008.

On the official Dancing With The Stars YouTube channel, most commenters praised her decision.

“She did fantastic for having changed the song that late in the week! She followed her instincts, and that’s great! Good to do that now in the competition rather than later,” one person wrote.

Another wrote, “I give Jennie major props. She stays true to who she is as a person and I commend/respect her for doing so.”


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