Saturday 28 October 2017

Prayer Requests

Today's Prayer Requests

Tausha Miller |  would like prayer for my daughter Lauren whom is out on the streets suffering with addiction, afflictions such as mental illness . Please pray that we hear from her and that the Lord lifts her up and out of the mess she is in and sets her feet on a rock and the same prayer goes for my cousin kamone. ease pray that God continues to heal me sensory and short term memory and empowers me and blesses ,me to complete all tasks/jobs that he has called and allowed me to do. In Jesus name amen. Also my grandmother Ann's legs have been swelling and she need supernatural release of all the fluid in her legs and a relief from a painful lump in her shoulder. Please pray for all of our health. Thank you and God bless. I'd like to pray for the salvation of everyone I work with. amen


vijay aggarwal | Plz pray for money in abundance for a comfortable life

Michelle Celillo |  Praying for peace and to sell our home as we make our final move. God bless. Thank you.

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