Friday, 16 March 2018

Prayer Requests

Today's Prayer Requests

Loren Miffit | Dear God, On this day may we pray for all who can not have faith in our Lord. May he let us assist them in finding the Lord through whatever means necessary. Amen

Lillian Kennedy | I am currently in the midst of transitioning jobs pray for my stability

Vera Bankston-Jones | FATHER GOD, Thank you for the rest and the guidance of Your Love!.......SELAH

Mary Rodriguez | My bf went to jail last thursday i prayed that he was safely in jail now hes on his on his way to florida over a warrant. Clay co. Florida i want to pray his sakvation. I need a home and decent job my bf cheated on me with 4 guys and does meth has gor 20 yrs. I pray we are both ckran i eas before i got qith him tgat o stay off meth and he never wants it afain after he gets out of jail. I pray fir our sqlvation and that if its Gods will we will be together and sobee when he gets out

Larry Calloway | Needing Prayer Help . Needing Prayer for this entire earth , Especially human value system greed , hatred , racism .

Dana Austin | That I can get my life straight for me and my two children, and that I follow His will to be successful in this life, for His glory.

VJ | Plz pray for money in abundance for a comfortable life

LJ  |Please pray for me to regain strength in my legs, and for being healed of Multiple sclerosis that is causing me to be weak but I pray that God with your help and petition on my behalf He will heal me from this disease in Jesus name amen. I ask for strength, and good health in Christ Jesus amen. I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart amen. Thank you and God bless you in Jesus name amen

Sadrea | Dear God, Please pray for me to have strength and courage to keep my faith in you. Thank you for giving me another day to live. Please watch over my loved one. And please just speak to me because I want to break down, but I know with you there is a way.

John starling | Prayer for strength physically mentally and emotionally and help to bring my family closer together and closer to the Lord and to help wash any demons that may be trying to push their way into our life away from us to also give us Financial strength and help us gain more wisdom in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit my health is pretty bad I'm disabled and I may need knee surgery in a couple of months please pray that that goes well and that I recover gracefully

SG | My soul is being tormented, Depression is attacking my mind and body, I need prayer for Restoration in my family

Ameer ghissing | Im alone single, strugling for my life,jobless and famililess out of from home since long time. I go to church praying all time but no feeling security please hope this time of pray ll heal me sooon.prease the lord.thank you.

peng pat | Cure for my thyroid illness

Ashley Lyons | Please pray for my husband and I to find strength in our addiction we're trying to over come. Please pray for my mental illness I've recently developed. I am cursed with this nonstop voice of a very mean negative woman who constantly tells me awful things about me and as well as my husband. I really need all my prayer warriors out there keeping us in your daily prayers. Thank you

Edias Mushayanyama |  Ipray to God to give me the means to serve his people and help to reduce poverty, hunger and disease that afflict some of his people. I have faith that with your blessings, everything is possible.

Abdul sudheer | Respected sir 2012 mom died then 2013 father died 2015 i marryd my wife 6 month pregnant baby boy born and dead.My wife's hearts 2valves leakage problem is there nearly 3 lakhs debits my life I am 37 ,now from18yrs I have been getinggg struggle s in life pls pray for a child doctors said next time pregnant danger almighty God do wonders in our life.thank u.


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