Saturday 2 September 2017

Faith is putting our hope in God

Day 27 (02 Sept 2017, Saturday )

Faith does not put one’s hope on a certain man or circumstance, but in God alone.  Abraham paid no attention to the real life difficulties he encountered.  For the law of nature indicates to him that it is completely impossible for him and Sarah to conceive in their old age.

In order to end those suspicions lingering in the mind of Malaysians, our prayers should not follow the trajectory of doubts in response to various negative issues that have surfaced in our nation. Neither should we pray in accordance to our personal expectations, nor should we instruct God what He ought to do with our prayers.  Our faith should not waiver when our prayers are unanswered.

We need to grasp the promised blessings of God even when our political, economic, legislative, educational and family institutions are caught in a mess, by asking God to breathe His breath on all these sectors, as how prophet Ezekiel did in his vision.  God is able to revive the dry bones.  Malaysia is a lively nation, and God will definitely do much more for her!  Let’s ask God to move mightily among us!

The God we trust is the God who overcomes the storm.  He supersedes all power and all authorities.  He will accomplish great things in accordance to His timing.  Therefore, He expects His people to seek Him and run to Him for help with a living faith.  Our hearts will truly be strengthened whenever we remember the trustworthiness of our God.

Pray for our Personal Walk with God 

Thank God for His precious and wonderful gift salvation.  In Christ we have a hope and a future.  In Christ we have all that we need for our lives.
Pray that we will be renewed daily in our love and commitment to the Lord.

Seek to be holy and set apart for His glory and purpose.
Pray for a realignment of our will and priorities, to put the Lord first in everything we do and to submit to His perfect will for us.

Pray for us to have the courage to rise up in hope and in faith, embracing the great works that He shall do through us, in us and for us.

 Necf Malaysia

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