Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Hope in the midst of despair

Day 30 (05 Sept 2017, Tuesday)

If we have ever been led by God, along the journey of our life, to a point where we feel that we have lost all our hope, it is there we have to remind ourselves that God has a purpose for doing so.
His intention is always to allow us to experience Him deeper, in a sense, that Christ is our hope in the midst of our despair.  We shall then encounter Christ more through this experience.

The essence of Abraham’s faith is to believe that God makes that which is impossible possible.  This faith has enabled him to experience God’s faithfulness continually in his life, and to witness the effect of his faith.

There is a chain effect in this blessed life of Abraham.  He was blessed and his descendants throughout all generations were to be blessed as well.

God expects His people to seek His face earnestly through their prayers in days of despair.  It is when man’s might and wisdom comes to an end, and in the event that he has nowhere to turn to, that the relationship between God and man will be knitted closely.
It is by then that man begins comprehend that God is worthy of all honour, authority and glory.

Let’s unite our hearts and pray with one voice, asking for the light of God to shine forth in our nation, so that all men shall know, that apart from Jesus Christ, no man is capable of lighting up the nation.
Only He is able to rise and shine forth His great and mighty deeds.

Pray for the Communities we live in 

Pray for the salvation of our communities.
Pray that as an individual or as a church, we will reach out intentionally by building relationship with them and serving as a blessing to them in times of need.

Pray for the Members of Parliament (MPs) and the constituencies that they represent, in that they will carry out their work well in ways that build up and benefit the communities as a whole within their constituencies.

Pray for the residents in communities to be set free to know our Lord Jesus Christ personally and there will be an increase of creative ways for us to reach out to the lost and the needy.

 Necf Malaysia

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