Friday 22 September 2017

Nigeria Church leaders condemn killing of Christian student in Jos

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) condemn killing of Christian student

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)
NIGERIA: The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Plateau State Chapter has condemned the attack on Igbo Christians by Muslim youths in Jos last Thursday, which wiped out your final year information technology student from the College of Jos, Jerry Mantim Binkur, and hurt a minimum of five people.

The association, inside a statement, pleaded with “the Igbos around the Plateau to stay calm as nobody will keep these things leave Plateau.” Soja Bewarang, its Chairman stated. He known as on Christians to “wise up and work with each other to frustrate the types of crooks within our midst.”

Reacting towards the attack, youths groups in the predominantly Christian Middle Belt region, in an announcement, 15th September cautioned the Muslim youths either to embrace peace or leave the location. Inside a statement distributed around Global Christian News, Lawyer Seth Mangset, Plateau State Coordinator from the group stated, “We know the unfortunate development that is going to resurrect around the Plateau by a few unscrupulous miscreants whose job would be to raise crisis within the condition as a consequence of the strain over the country… Individuals who feel warmongering is the method of existence aren't welcomed around the Plateau.”

The statement cautioned the group won't “hesitate to do something if the fails. We will be ready to safeguard lives and property of peace loving individuals the condition.”

The governors from the south-eastern a part of Nigeria, appearing out of an urgent situation meeting in the government house, Enugu, on Friday, 15 September, made the decision to ban all activities from the Igbo groups seeking self-actualization.

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Inside a communique released following the meeting, Chairman, East Governors Forum, Nweze Dave Umahi, Governor of Ebonyi State, stated, “All activities of IPOB are hereby proscribed. IPOB and all sorts of other aggrieved groups are encouraged to articulate their position on all National issues and undergo the Committee of Governors, Ohaneze Ndigbo and National Assembly member in the East Zone, via the Chairman, East Governors Forum.”

The governors reiterated the phone call “for the restructuring of Nigeria where all National issues is going to be discussed and amicably settled to attain justice and fairness to each Nigerian.”

The Muslim group, Jama’atu Nasril Islam in Plateau State, through its Director of Publicity, Sani Mudi, on its part, noted the Muslim youths acted “clearly as a result of the unfortunate occasions within the East.Inches Then he attracted “Muslim Ummah and everyone within the State to shun functions able to disrupting our precious peace within the State.” that they stated “are unacceptable.”

Mudi added, “The sad saga of disruption of peace and lawlessness in certain areas isn't worth our response with the exception of the exhibition of mature and civil way, having faith in that appropriate government bodies can handle responding because the situation warrants.”


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