Sunday, 16 July 2017

Helping Your Church Worship Perfection

Are You Currently Helping Your Church Worship Perfection?

There’s a great deal to the term “perfection” that elicits a powerful reaction among most people. We all know that perfection is unattainable. So we realize that perfection, like a goal, could be a harmful factor. We all know...however we frequently find ourselves distracted by the never-ending corporate jungle to achieve it.

Not only as people, but as the Body of Christ.

Poor our airbrushed, edited, and thoroughly curated culture, the mentality of perfection appears to possess seeped in to the mentality from the church. And it may be putting us vulnerable to tainting the content from the gospel in general.

In her own Relevant Magazine article, “How Places of worship Could Make Perfection an Idol,” Rachael Quirin covers her experience serving inside a mega-church. There is a continuing push-and-pull between two forces-excellence and perfection-that put misguided pressure on every aspect of church work... in the perfectly created worship experience to perfectly showcased ministries to perfectly presented ministers.

Now you ask ,, shall we be adding for this problem, or shall we be helping solve it?

There's lots of finger-pointing happening with regards to mega-places of worship in general. But, in reality, a mega-church generally is a mega-“body.” Because the body of Christ, the church consists of lots of people: many yous and lots of mes. A larger church just highlights much more of us. It brings about the very best areas of the west as well as makes our weaknesses a lot more glaringly apparent. Quirin writes:

“Perfection is a continuing fight all of us try to pay attention to. Perfection is definitely looking us hard. Whenever a church focuses more about perfection than excellence they are able to begin to care entirely an excessive amount of about image. Rather, authenticity and transparency get overshadowed through the constant require a perfect image.”

And also the result?

“Many megachurches will not be able to publish the ugly and raw areas of outreach. They are able to sometimes focus more about showing the great they’re accomplishing than celebrating the folks they’re really contacting.Inches

We have to keep in mind that the Church isn’t some distant, distinct entity-it's us. As to shift our focus from perfection, it comes down to me and you. It isn't the church “over there” we ought to hold exclusively accountable, or perhaps culture in general we ought to blame. We're the church and we're culture. So we, within our lives, are the type who determine the direction your body of Christ goes.

If you wish to test whether you’re helping your church worship perfection, observe how you respond to imperfection: chaos-in worship, a mistake within an announcement, or perhaps a failing inside a leader.

And before letting the pendulum swing another direction, we have to remember there's an account balance god calls us to keep. Because the God and Creator, He's excellence. And That He IS perfection. But He's also perfect elegance. He's the actual Artist, developing breathtaking beauty, and that he can also be the Redeemer, using our damaged encounters to produce something stunning. He wants us to shoot for excellence, since it represents Him.

Elegance is within equilibrium with excellence, always. May we-the Church-function as the ones to mirror that.

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