Monday, 24 July 2017

Prayer Request

Today's Prayer Requests

Luvada Fredman | Please also pray for me

Andy Garland | Andy Garland

Vera Bankston-Jones | FATHER GOD, thank you for your grace and the love you bestow upon me!....... Selah

fred | greetings in the name of our true living God,special prayer about my family health, some chronic disease have stolen happiness on my elder son who is 9 years. also where i work, am the owner of a foundational/elementary school which in which am undergoing financial constrains especially in getting my staff paid of this end month salary, this has been as a result of inflation at this electioneering period where the cost of living is affecting our community and the school expenses doubling up as a result of fluctuating prices. i am challenged but am sure myself i can not succeed not until our lord is ushered inn to guide me on my difficulties. finally pray for our country kenya for a peaceful credible election in . thanks to you all our prayer partners and may God bless you abundantly sincerely fred

Stephanie w | Praying for my health n strength in the Lord that he continue to live within me n let me be able to continue to work his labor n I'm asking for financial favor so I can live comfortable during my life span in Jesus name amen

Blude Israel |  I want God to Give me more grace,circular job,am 31 years of who need financial assistance to start business and do other things in life as the work of God is concern I want God to intervention in my issue.

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