Saturday, 29 July 2017

Prayer Requests

Today's Prayer Requests

Vera Bankston-Jones | FATHER GOD, Father never want to be a burden to anyone let alone myself. Yet when I call on your name you are there to say me from me and everything around me! Forgive me my sins and continuously bless me with your grace!....... Selah

Frances | Pray for me: I been diagnosed with MS and I rebuke this disease in Jesus name. Please help me through prayer for me to behealed in Jesus name amen.

vijay aggarwal | Plz pray for money in abundance for a comfortable life

gift ngosa | I need a break through in my life and family

Kevin Jeanes | Please pray for my friends Ryan and Luke who just left rehab early before there program was suppose to be over. Please pray for my recovery as well and anxiety spells. thank you so much!

Mikaela | I am putting my boyfriend before god. I need insight on how to put god first while keeping a happy relationship........ God Bless

Jesse James carter | Please pray for continued help keeping my sin at bay and to lead my family toward the light. Also we are in desperate need of finances. I was suspended from work because of my sins. Now my family is paying the price. We are being evicted  iday. And we have no where to turn. No food. Only a car on a donut and some faith. Please ask the Lord to give us strength to get through what I caused. I go back to work next week. Glory to him. But the landlord will not work with me. Eviction is filled. I know God will see us through. Im worried though. Pray for my faith. Thank you and bless you.

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