Sunday, 16 July 2017

Trump Admin Allowing More Christian Refugees Than 2016

The Numbers Are In: Trump Admin Allowing More Christian Refugees Than 2016

WASHINGTON: Based on Pew Research, since the beginning of the Trump administration, the amount of Christian refugees entering the united states has surpassed the quantity of Muslim refugees.

The information in the Condition Department originates from Trump’s first full day at work until June 30.

Based on Pew, fifty percent from the refugees entering the united states in that time were Christian, while 38% were Muslim.

To this point out paces the quantity of Christians entering this time around last fiscal year.

Within an interview with CBN News, President Trump stated Christian refugees could be given preferential treatment.

“Persecuted Christians, we’ve spoken relating to this, the refugees overseas. The refugee program, or even the refugee changes you’re searching to create. As it requires persecuted Christians, would you discover their whereabouts as a priority here? “asked CBN News’ David Brody.

 “Yes,“ responded Trump.

“They’ve been horribly treated. Are you aware should you be a Christian in Syria it had been impossible, a minimum of very tough to get involved with the U . s . States? Should you be a Muslim you can are available in, however if you simply were a Christian, it had been nearly impossible and why am unfair, everyone was persecuted in most fairness, however they were chopping from the heads of everyone but much more the Christians. And I believed it was very, very unfair. So we will enable them to,Inches Trump ongoing.

That comment opened up the doorway to critics who say individuals policies, such as the administration’s travel ban, are discriminatory.

Although, the particular revised executive order will not make any reference to religion.

Except for 2005, 2006 and 2016, the Trump administration is really carrying out a trend of Christians outnumbering Muslims.

Based on Pew, during the last fifteen years more Christians have joined the nation than Muslims.

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