Thursday 23 November 2017

Business with Dignity

Running a Business with Dignity!

The Bible says that many are called, but few are chosen.

Dignity- the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect.

When you are working to build anything, it is important that God is at the center of what you are doing. When you operate your business with dignity, you receive the blessings of the Lord, the favor of the Lord, and the hand of the Lord on what you are doing. God desires to elevate, bring prosperity, and favor to those who uphold his name, his standards, and his character. When you begin work outside of dignity, there has been a move from depending on God to depending on oneself. However, God is the one who is all powerful. He is the one who can turn circumstances, resources, and individuals in your direction for the success of your business. Run your business with Dignity.

Your Part Cannot Override God’s Part

It is true that there is work that is required on your part, but it is important that you do not become so busy with your part that you forget to include Him. God will not force you to remember to keep Him at the center of what you do. Instead, the Holy Spirit will gently nudge you in the right direction. The Holy Spirit may whisper, “Is this wise? Can God get the glory out of this? Is this decision based on godly integrity?” As you make decisions, connect with individuals, and make other important business decisions, consult with God. Put your ideas to the Word of God to check to see if God is reflected in your work.

Psalms 127:1 “Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain.”
There are many components to a business, it must be a priority to ensure that you, as the owner, and those who make up or work within the company, are in position for the Lord to build the house. This scripture reveals that unless God is building your business, everything that you attempt to do will be in vain.

Keep Dignity despite Challenges

There may be challenges that arise as your business is developing, but you can expect the support of God when your business is running with Dignity. God will sustain you and your business during those times. God is not limited in resources, and as believers, we have access to his reserve. There will be temptations to work through other means to make things happen in the way or timing that best suit your plans; however, you have to choose God’s way over your own. Trust God to be faithful, timely, and wise to what is necessary for your business to continue and flourish as it should.

It is important to understand that there are some stages of development that you have to go through to appreciate where God is taking you. Challenges are not meant to break you or your business, but they are meant to help you propel to your next level. However, depending on how you handle the difficult moments, will determine where your heart truly is when it comes to what matters to God.
I Peter 5:6, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.”

Trust the timing of God for your life! When you choose to walk with dignity when other options are available for you to do other things, you can interrupt God’s will and plans for your life. What can be a temporary fix outside of dignity can turn into a mountain size problem in the future.

Dignity as an Iceberg

Dignity is like an iceberg. It can seem so small or minuscule on the surface, but underneath there is so much more substance to it. Dignity is one of those virtues that people admire. When you operate in a way that you can be trusted to do what is right despite what is presented in front of you, people will want to be connected with you and what you are doing. In addition, when your dignity is strong, even when the enemy tries to tear down what you have built, it will be destroyed before you are destroyed.

God wants to do something wonderful for His people. He desires to bless the work of the people of God. Are you working indignity? Are you keeping Him at the center of what you are doing? There are ideas, blessings, creative ideas, and so much more that He can reveal and impart into your heart. Will you be in a position to receive? He is seeking a vessel working in Dignity. Run your business with dignity.

Author Bio-

My name is Chavon Thomas. I am a resident of Virginia Beach, VA. God birth something new to me in 2016. It was during some of the most challenging times, that I found God pulling on me to rise about various circumstances and move into destiny. A blog called New Beginnings with Me. It is a blog for women to encouraged, uplifted, and inspired to walk in the purpose that God has called them to be. 

The choices that I make are Spirit-led because my desire is for God to take pleasure in what I am doing. God has given me ideas, abilities (that I did not know I had), and people who support me. I invite you to go visit my blog at I am available for speaking engagements as well. My desire is to travel the world teaching the gospel.

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  1. My wife and I just started s business a before and after school program and we pray about this constantly. Nice to know we are not the only ones

  2. The Lord is with your family and business.


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