Tuesday 28 November 2017

'Unqualified' to Lead Church Says Perry Noble

Perry Noble Admits He is 'Unqualified' to Lead Church in Wake of Alcohol Abuse, Divorce

 NewSpring Church

Perry Noble, the former pastor of NewSpring Church, had admitted he's still "unqualified" to begin a new church at least a year after being taken from his position as a result of alcohol addiction and other concerns.

"Back in July, it was announced I have filed the paperwork to one day begin Second Chance Church. Ever since then there have been individuals on the internet who had been quite consistent in conversing to me I am 'unqualified,'" Noble said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

On top of losing his church, Noble revealed in October the "deeply personal and painful" news which he together with his wife of 17-years, Lucretia, are getting a divorce.

"I've deliberately not cleared up that accusation specifically until recently...and also to that accusation I say...Those who are calling me 'unqualified' are absolutely correct," he continued. "Taking a look at this Scripture I will point out why I feel unqualified..."

He first pointed to 1 Timothy 3 which lists the various qualifications for biblical leaders, including "to be above reproach, faithful to his wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money," among others.

Noble highlighted how he has fallen short of each requirement: "Like I said before - I absolutely do not dispute the fact that, according to the letter of the law laid down by Paul in this passage...I am unqualified," he stated.

"AND...I am POSITIVE there are actually those on Facebook who will be more than pleased to fill in the gaps of the things I left out that point even more so to the fact I am unqualified...O God to be an awesome one day as those who attack others on social media!"

However, the former pastor contended he doesn't know anyone "batting 1,000 on all of these qualities" and reiterated that he has never felt qualified in his life.

"I am also UN-wavering in the fact people who slip need a Second Chance, and I'm called to start a church not for perfect people, but for those who want to get back up!"
He added, "I am UN-willing to allow those who don't know my story to try to tell me what my future should look like."

"I am UN-able to give my life to anything apart from the local church. I am UN-phased by those who want me to quit. I am UN-afraid of the future God has for me.
"And I think it is UN-real that God still would like to used a messed up, a busted and unqualified guy like me to take the Gospel to as many people as possible."

Christianity Today notes that a few months ago, leaders at NewSpring-which spans across 15 locations in South Carolina-reiterated that Noble is still unfit to be restored to the pulpit.
"We have been asked why Perry can preach at other churches but not at NewSpring," said teaching pastor Clayton King. "We cannot speak for other churches and how they make decisions. For us, Perry currently does not meet the biblical qualifications of a pastor, teacher, shepherd."

At the time, Noble reacted to the comments in a Facebook live video: "There may be quite a few things I did wrong as senior pastor of NewSpring Church; however, I preached Jesus weekly that I had the opportunity to serve at NewSpring Church," he said. "They can continually talk about my sins. They can talk about how I'm seemingly unrepentant-although I would say in order to determine if someone is repentant, you have to have a relationship with them because it's hard to call out repentance from the cheap seats-but while I will allow those things to go on, I will never allow anyone to talk about my motives for ministry."

As reported by a 2015 survey by Barna Group and Pepperdine University, nearly 1 in 5 pastors have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction. Those pastors were divided on whether or not being open about their own addiction could possibly have an unfavorable (46%) or favorable (41%) impact on their ministry.


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