Tuesday 28 November 2017

Churches and Christmas Sunday Services

Some Churches to Not Hold Services for Christmas Sunday

Christmas day for this year is going to be celebrated on Sunday. Result in several of the churches wondering should they would hold services for December 25 as most of them will celebrate Christmas along with their families. Many of them, nevertheless, was considering adjusting the services activities in order to make up for the celebration of Christmas.

Megachurches, like North Point and Buckhead Tower Point, are well-known to withhold services on a Sunday usually in the Christmas week to allow time to the volunteers in catching up with the family.

"We're 15 years old and we've always done it," said Bill Willits, Director of Ministry Environments of North Point. "Our volunteers are very, very grateful because it's such a busy season."
Willow Creek Community Church also received fire in 2005 after they made a decision to give out DVDs for anyone to watch on a Sunday for Christmas season.

"I consider this in numerous ways as a capitulation to narcissism, the self-centered, me-first, I'm going to put me and my immediate family first agenda of the larger culture," said Ben Witherington III, professor of New Testament interpretation at Asbury Theological Seminary, according to New York Times.

"If Christianity is an evangelistic religion, then exactly what message is this sending to the larger culture -- that worship is an optional extra?"

This current year, on the other hand, Willow Creek thought to carry out several Christmas Eve services plus one Christmas Day service. According to Church Executive Pastor Heather Larson, the church will deliver nine services up till Christmas Eve and start the Christmas Day service at 10 a.m.

"This year, on Dec. 25, Teaching Pastor Steve Carter and I will be leading with our families. It will be a great Christmas service for all," he said in an interview with Christian Post. "Our services, dates and times vary as the calendar varies. It's a true celebration of our Lord's birth and that is our focus every year."

However, the Virginia megachurch mentioned that the church is going to be performing a Christmas Sunday service unless weather conditions turn worse.

"We usually have held a service on Christmas Sundays unless we have been completely snowed out. Sometimes we intend to cancel our first two Sunday morning services due to inclement weather and at least try having one service at 11," Pastor Steve Holley said.

Pastor Holley also reiterated the necessity of celebrating the time of worship and it is the church's obligation to encourage the people to observe this holy obligation.

"I also find it hard to help support any claim of inconvenience in worshiping on Christmas Day when there are Christians all over the world suffering persecution would you welcome both the comfort and freedom that churches like ours have in the U.S," he said.

Other Roman Catholic churches in the East that are covered with a committed Catholic population see the attendance of a Mass in Christmas as a no-brainer considering that the whole idea of performing a service of worship is to celebrate the presence of God, particularly in Christmas.


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