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Praise and Worship

The Act of Praise and Worship

Power of Praise

Before we try to find out what is the act of praising and worshipping God, we should first find out what does it exactly mean when we say that. When we worship God, we are showing our love and devotion to Him. To worship out God involves something like praying, singing his hymns and praises, or simply reading from the Bible.

However, that is just a limited definition and understanding of “worship” as it worship encompasses way more than that. Praising, on the other hand, is a different part. When we praise God, we express our admiration for Him. We are extolling him in for all that he gives. Praise is the act of celebrating about God. Praise can be done with singing, poetry or simply confessing his goodness to others through preaching. Therefore, to be a good Christian, we should worship God and give our praise to Him daily.

We can do this at many places, in our homes, at work or wherever we happen to be. Praising and worshipping God is not only a way of life, but it is essential for every Christian.? The Scriptures direct us to praise and worship God in the following way:

1.The Holy Bible asks us, followers, to use musical instruments while singing in worship by saying that a worshipping group should show enthusiasm and strength of faith by playing those instruments with full rigour and joy and blow the Ram’s horn (Shofar) when playing the music.

2.Similarly, Psalm 150:3-5 says, that we should play these instruments such as harps, lyres, cymbals, strings, and trumpets while singing in praise of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit and seeking their light to lead our lives.

 3.We the followers are expected to conduct our worship and praise lord with joyful shouts and by clapping our hands. Psalm 47:1-2 says that all nations following the Christ, let them clap their hands and let the cries of joy be shouted out loud, for the Lord above us all is so glorious and great above us.

4.It also says that we should engage in the praise and worship of our God, both individually and in a group. 2 Chronicles 29:28 mentions of an assembly of worshipers bowed down, while the singers sang the Lord’s praises and played the trumpets. Psalm 22:22 says about a worshiper who says to the Lord that he will declare his name to his compatriots and sing his praises. 2 Samuel 12:20 says about David that when he woke up, he put on his clothes, got ready, went to the house of their God and worshipped.

The Biblical examples that are given below share with us the various forms and positions that we can use for praising and worshipping God:
When it comes to your Sitting position, -Acts 2:1-2 says that at the Day of The Pentecost, all the faithful followers came together and sat in the house and suddenly a sound like a violent came and filled in the room.

When it comes to Dancing, -Psalm 149:3 says that let the faithful sing the praises of our Lord while they dance to the tunes of tambourine and harp.

When it comes to Lifting hands, -Psalm 63:4 says that a follower will praise the name of Jesus while they are alive and thus lift their hands to show that symbolically.

When it comes to Bowing head, -2 Chronicles 29:30 says that King Ezekiah and his men ordered the Levites to praise the Lord as did David and Asaph. Following his orders, they bowed his head down in front of God and sang his praises.

When it comes to Lying prostrate/bowing down -1 Kings 18:39 says that when people saw the miracle of God, they prostrated and cried to him. Nehemiah 8:6 says that when Ezra praised to God, all the people in congregation lifted their hands and yelled “Amen.” And then they bowed down and worshipped their God.

When it comes to Standing, -Exodus 33:10 says, whenever they witnesses a pillar of cloud at the entrance of his tent, they worshipped the pillar of cloud.

When it comes to Kneeling -Psalms 95:6 says that worshipping is submissions to our God and hence, we should kneel in front of him and pray to him.

We hope this guides you to praise our Lord and worship in the right way as our book; The Holy Bible directs us to do.

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