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When Pastor is building personal kingdom instead of Christ’s kingdom

Some Signals that your Pastor is Establishing His Personal Kingdom

The term pastor comes from a Latin word indicates “shepherd.” In Ephesians 4:1, Paul identifies shepherding “pastors” as a single functionality in the Church alongside teaching, missionary work, evangelism and prophecy. The significance of this role can be viewed through the importance that Jesus placed on it in John 21:15-17 where Jesus charges Peter to feed and tend to His sheep. How is a pastor required to feed and tend to the flock of God? He does this when he is capable watch over and teaches the flock the Word of God (1 Timothy 3:1-2), To develop the flock into readiness and maturity.

Additionally, he carries a responsibility to safeguard the doctrine of the church. Retaining the integrity of the Gospel is considered among the pastor’s greatest callings. Several pastors obtain the title “overseer” as a general command to have their hand in all the things as well as the command to rule the church may well come to extremes too. What are examples of the signals your pastor is establishing his personal kingdom instead of Christ’s kingdom? Listed below are few indicators.

If Pastor Doesn’t Delegate or Assign 

A considerable warning sign that your pastor is creating their personal kingdom happens when he starts to do everything, declining to delegate and assign just about anything. If this occurs, your pastor has excessively control which is no more centred on Christ’s kingdom as well as the role of the church. The gifts of the many people in the church need to be useful to the ministry of the church. Every member of the church needs to be permitted to minister within their unique place in the body. One person can’t do it all.

When the Pastor is the Focus and attention, Not Jesus

Here is one of the truthful threat for pastors. Any time a ministry starts to grow and develops larger in capacity, there exists a real danger of the fact that pastor begins building his personal kingdom rather than the Kingdom of God. Ultimately that gradually, as time passes and practically undetected, the pastor turns into the core of attention and Jesus is swapped on the altar by the man. Without a doubt; this kingdom never will last since it is of man. It may well flourish for a while, however the same is true of a flower after which it’s all gone.

When the Pastor is Surrounded by "Yes Men"

This is often a relatively substantial warning sign and may have very unfavourable ramifications. “Yes men” is the term for those people who only say yes or agree with everything that is made available to them. When a leader desires to achieve success, they need to be prepared to say “no” to “yes men.” The challenge with yes men and people not wanting to differ, lead-up or question their leader is allowing their leader at risk of accepting things as they are. It’s necessary for leaders to develop an atmosphere where people will be open and sincere. In case your pastor isn’t performing this, you ought to be worried.

When the Pastor Overrules the church Board

What if your pastor a loosened cannon? Should they, this will be a wake-up call that possibly they are too controlling and get their eyes focused on a different kingdom. A pastor must not hold the church chequebook in their control. The church deacon or treasurer ought to be in possession of it and need no less than two signatories, and none should be the pastor. When you notice your pastor starting to violate the policies of the church, in that case, this can be a key warning that something is happening that shouldn’t be. A pastor is answerable to the church.

When Pastor Avoids and Resists Accountability

The word accountability means “the quality or condition of being accountable; a responsibility or readiness to acknowledge commitment or to account for one’s actions and activities.” Unfortunately, pastors are certainly not omitted. Attention must be given to a pastor who may have ceased being accountable for job duties. Here is a tremendous warning sign that the pastor is setting up his personal kingdom and not that of God. Pastors create the example for accountability. Keep in mind, a pastor’s basic responsibility is to oversee the church combined with elders, and his emphasis must be mainly spiritual, taking care of issues, for example, edifying believers and equipping the saints to do the ministry work.

When the Pastor is Always and Constantly Right

The moment your pastor is at all times making themselves right or perfect, this is often troublesome for many different reasons. Nobody is always right or perfect, plus pastors. A pastor’s responsibility isn’t to interpret the Bible; their job is to preach the Gospel. It’s not depending on what they think or assume. It’s according to what God says. When your pastor is hesitant to recognize or admit their errors or doesn’t admit an evident mistake, that can be a big warning sign.
Furthermore, if there’s an issue in the church, your pastor needs to be approachable and friendly. If a pastor is indeed unapproachable and not open to constructive worries or criticisms, then he his heart is simply not in the proper place in regards to the ministry.

In conclusion

Generally, all signs including the above mentioned must not be ignored or overlooked. Pastors that don’t delegate and assigns, do not allow input or suggestions, refuse any correction are creating their personal kingdom and never God’s. As soon as they rarely take accountability, always do what they desire no matter what the church policies and bylaws say, this is definitely a pastor that isn’t centred on advancing God’s kingdom. A church can’t survive under this type of leadership.


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