Thursday 10 August 2017

A God who promised resurrected life for His people!

Day 4 (10 Aug 2017, Thursday)

(Ezekiel 37:11-14)

The Israelites, who ignored God’s government and leadership, tried all of their ways (including political means) to escape from God’s judgment when they were chastised.  Yet there was no way out of them to avoid His staff of discipline (e.g.  Assyrians, Babylonians).  They became exiles and lost all their hope and reached a point of utter despair.

However, God still regarded them as “My people”.  He promised to lead them out of their hopeless tombs and to bestow upon them a resurrected life.
It reminds us that God’s love for us remains, even time and again when we choose to trust in chariots and horses rather than trusting in Him.  His love never ceases in the light of our poor response. Christ loves His Church and He gave up His life for her.  Now by His resurrection, He calls His Church to walk through the journey of the Cross.

Sometimes, we suffer not because we rebel and turn away from God, but because we do not love God and people genuinely.  In the midst of a seemingly unjust situation, we are called to do justice and be merciful to other, as we keep watch for the nation and the Church because we are aware of the resurrection that is in store for us.

Let Christ be our example regardless of whatever circumstances we may be going through.  Let our prayers be a means to substitute hatred with forgiveness, anger with compassion, despair with faith and hurling of insults with action.

Pray for the States of Malaysia  :  Perak

Pray for Kamunting, the detention camp for convicts who commit severe security offences (including local IS militants), that the authorities will run it well and that the detainees will experience His grace and mercy during their detention.

Pray for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be heard through culturally-relevant means in the 134 Chinese new villages of Perak, of whom its residents are considered to be one of the least-reached people groups in our nation.

Pray for the marginalised Orang Asli tribes of Semai, Temiar, Jahai, Kintaq and Lanoh in Perak, that there will be good implementation of relevant community development projects by the government to improve their living conditions.

Sources : Necf Malaysia

Download 2017 NECF Malaysia  40Days Fast & Prayer (Prayer Booklet)

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