Saturday 19 August 2017

A Hope that we have a future

Day 13 (19 Aug 2017, Saturday)


The plan of God is for a “future” beyond now.  It is something that will definitely happen in the days to come.  “Future” refers to the end, thereafter and coming days, etc.  It also refers to the descendants, posterity, and even the remnants among them.

God is the dwelling place of His people throughout all generations.  He is not only the Father of a generation, but the Great King who is from everlasting to everlasting.  His plan never ceases from the beginning to the end.  The generation we are in is but a tiny dot in His eternal timeline.  What men are concerned about is the end of this generation, but God’s heart goes from the beginning to eternity.  He will surely fulfil what He has predestined for the future.

Parents know how to plan for their children.  They are willing to suffer hardship and pain in order to work for a better future.  Even mortal men and women provide for their descendants, and how much more the infinite God will be concerned for them in His eternal will!  At times when we suffer like the exiled Israelites, and as we face our current predicaments and humiliation without any hope of witnessing a bright future in our lives, for us in the coming days.
We can have the joyous hope in the midst of all that goes against the hope that we know of because we can be sure that he has destined a hope and a future for us.

Pray for the States of Malaysia  :  Sarawak

Pray for improvement in the areas of health, education, communication and transportation in the rural communities, especially in regions like Kapit, Belaga and Baram.

Illegal logging activities and dam projects have brought forth destruction and pollution upon the natural resources and resulted in massive forced dislodgement of villagers.  Cry out on behalf of these interior communities for God to extend His mercy to them and for them to be spared from the unjust treatment.

Pray for Christians who are the majority group in Sarawak to be passionate in sharing Christ and engage in disciple-making, and to be united in bringing hope and transformation to the society.  Pray against the spread of social ills such as alcoholism, promiscuity and glue sniffing, just to name a few.

 Necf Malaysia

Download 2017 NECF Malaysia  40Days Fast & Prayer (Prayer Booklet)

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