Saturday 26 August 2017

The living hope is also a guaranteed inheritance

Day 20 (26 Aug 2017, Saturday) 

1 Peter 1:4
The Bible speaks of our living hope in terms of an inheritance… a possession that is ours.  This inheritance is nothing less than eternal life… here and now, as well as what we will receive later.  But not all of it happens here in this life.  We will have to wait for the bigger part of it.  Look at what v.4 says about this inheritance:
It can never perish as it is INCORRUPTIBLE
The Greek word is “aphthartos”’ meaning “not liable to corruption or decay, imperishable” (2Peter 3:10-13).  There is nothing in time or eternity that can touch it or destroy it.  It does not age, deteriorate, or die.

The Greek word is “amiantos”, meaning “not defiled, unsoiled”.  It is free from sickness, disease, .infection, accidents, suicide, and all those things that we suffer on this earth.  Our hope pertains to that where the defiled are not allowed to enter (Revelation 21:27)

It can never fade - IT DOES NOT FADE AWAY
The Greek word is “amarantos”, meaning “unfading, perennial”.  The word is a variation of “amaranth”, the name of a mythical flower whose bloom in perpetual and whose loveliness never fades.  Our new and perfect bodies will never wear out, they will last forever.
Therefore, our inheritance is safely guarded in heaven itself!  No one, not even Satan himself, can steal if from us!  Since this is the nature of our “inheritance” upon which our hope rests, we can see why our hope is described as a “living” hope.

Pray for 8 Mountains of Influence :  Arts and Entertainment 

Pray that this mountain of arts and entertainment will be reclaimed, and God will raise up men and women with godly character and anointed talents/gifts that will influence the art world with things that are excellent and praiseworthy.

Ask the Lord to raise up young prophetic believers who are called to the arts entertainment industry to boldly step out and write plays with messages of truth and virtue that positively shape the culture around us.

Pray for believers, especially parents, to be taught to have biblical worldview so that they will be equipped to discern the negative influences in the entertainment industry that propagate views and values which are perverse and contrary to biblical values.

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