Wednesday 30 August 2017

Hope that turns our suffering to blessing

Day 24 (30 Aug 2017, Wednesday) Psalm 42:11 


We must take into our hearts David’s cry for hope for his soul.  Let us ponder, for a moment, about his ‘cry of the heart.’  Why, in the first place, was David’s soul disturbed?  It was probably because he trusted his friends, but they turned out to be a misery for his life.

Madame Guyon was a French revivalist who founded the ‘Quietist’ movement.  In the 17th century, she became an icon for the church.  Many have called her “a Quaker born out of due time.”  Fenelon, John Wesley and other great spiritual leaders have acknowledged her contributions to society.

She married a wealthy and sickly 22-years-old senior at a young age of 17.  Throughout her married life, she faced many obstacles with her mother-in-law and housemaid.  After twelve years of her unhappy marriage, she became a widow at the age of 28 after her husband’s sudden death.  What a miserable life for her!

However, due to her spiritual experiences and hope in God, Madame Guyon’s life became something meaningful.  She spent time alone with God in order to strengthen and to rest her soul. She used to read the Scriptures diligently to get to know God.
It was her strong belief in God that changed her suffering into a blessing for many.  Though she struggled and suffered, she continued to have hope by submitting to the Almighty.  Let us look to God in the same way for hope.

Pray for 8 Mountains of Influence :  Religion 

Pray that the authorities will uphold the constitutional freedom of religion, in order to promote mutual respect and tolerance, and to reject all forms of religious bigotry.

Pray that the issue of religion will not be sabotaged by politicians who seek their own agendas and gains.
Pray that the Lord will protect and equip faithful leaders who are willing to speak up for the human rights and religious freedom of the people.

Pray for the Church of Malaysia to wake up to recognise its divine mandate, and arise to be God’s agent of love, peace, hope and reconciliation at such critical time in our nation.

 Necf Malaysia

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