Tuesday 22 August 2017

The hope that is ever ready

Day 16 (22 Aug 2017, Tuesday) 

Many people today are asking the question, “Is there hope?”
My heart goes to the believers of Jesus Christ in Iraq and Syria at this time.  The church is being severely persecuted for being a follower of Jesus Christ.  Not only do they need to know that they are held secure by God in their day to day lives no matter how bad life can be, but they also need to know that there is hope for them.

This is great news too for us today, that we remember, as His children, we are held secure in His hand, and there is a hope ever ready for our appropriation.

The Apostle Peter in this passage speaks of the great hope of all believers.  Hope is the vision that things will change for the better.  The hope that we have in Jesus Christ is a living hope, and that is significant because a living hope means that it is not a dead or lifeless hope.  It is not the kind of hope that gets us to think positively for the moment but does nothing for us beyond the grave.

But this hope that is in Christ Jesus is what keeps us going, this hope which says I know that things are bad now, but one day they will be better.  Hope says I know my life is racked with sin, sickness, problems and insecurities, but one day none of these will plague me anymore.

Pray for the Federal Territories of Malaysia  :  Labuan

Declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the purposes of His Kingdom shall stand in Labuan (Isaiah 46:10), that the different cultures and people groups will be celebrated, and where pre-believers can find rest and hope in Jesus.

Pray that as an offshore financial centre, Labuan will be home to the spirit of integrity, righteousness, and good governance.  Pray that the authorities who are in charge of tourism will use the RM120 million budget wisely.

Pray for revival and spiritual awakening in the body of Christ, that believers will be deeply rooted in His Word and prayer.  Pray that they will be filled with His compassion for their neighbours and friends.

 Necf Malaysia

Download 2017 NECF Malaysia  40Days Fast & Prayer (Prayer Booklet)

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