Friday 18 August 2017

A Hope that God means well for us

Day 12 (18 Aug 2017, Friday)

A man’s “plan” (or thought) determines his subsequent actions and the end result of it.  When we say that one is plagued with evil thoughts, we are not expect anything good to come out of him.  Even if he is a master of disguise, the damage done by his actions that were oriented by the evil in his heart will be difficult to reverse.

The Lord has good intention for His people, for His plan is for their welfare, and not to bring harm upon them.  The term ”plan” (Hebrew’s transliteration is “machashabah”) carries the meaning of intention, thought, devise, design, etc.  A plan for one’s welfare provides security and is safe in nature, it means well and is favourable, it carries with it prosperity and health.  The Jews might perceive their exile to be something extremely humiliating, but it was God’s special design and plan for them to go through it, in order that they would be perfected in all ways.

The exile of Israel was the beginning of God’s restoration and revival of the Davidic Kingdom.  In reality, we are frequently brought to our hopeless predicaments by Him because, it is there that He starts to rebuild and restore our lives.
We might not understand God’s way of dealing with us but we have to trust His heart.  He is a God who has good intentions through His will for us.  What He does in the lives of our nation, family and individuals will mean well for us and it is for us to be edified in Him.

Pray for the States of Malaysia  :  Sabah

Sabah, once the 2nd richest Malaysian state in 70s, has become one of the poorest states now with a high poverty rate of 19.7%.  Pray that the ever-widening gulf between the rich and the poor can be bridged with the poverty issue being dealt with effectively by the state authorities.

Pray against the influx of illegal foreigners from the Philippines and Indonesia.  Pray that the security along the maritime border between Sabah and the neighbouring countries will be strengthened and that there will be a wise solution for this problematic and equally complicated issue.

Many interior native Sabahans are stateless because they do not possess national identity cards and many of the native communities do not have legal rights over their ancestral land.  Pray for both the rural locals and the National Registration Department to be proactive in recognizing the importance of issuing and obtaining identity cards, and for God to be the defender of those who are deprived of their entitlement to their ancestral lands.

 Necf Malaysia

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