Wednesday 2 August 2017

Prayer Requests

Today's Prayer Requests

Anthony Uguru  | Brethren,I am landlords having a chain of stores rented to traders. Suddenly five out of 14 stores now have been vacated. Some complained of poor marketing conditions. Pls pray for all the stores to be occupied again by credible people that will pay rent properly. Let marketers conditions get improved.

marge | please pray for my son Merle he has cancer and is in a of of pain

Melissa Gonzalez | For my son who has bipolar. He is 23. Pray the Lord heals him of it!

ramashankar premi  | Please pray for me I think  I have a bad evil in my body.i am scared of darkness.I can see evils when I closed my eyes.I think. Someone is looking at me.or watching me.coditions become. Opposite to me,when I  say or determined to do my future plan to any one...

Vera Bankston-Jones | FATHER GOD, I made it because of your grace, and guidance. Continue in your love for me for I am not worthy!.......SELAH

Shalonda Jones | For me An my Family to grow closer to God on our new Journey.That we stay focused on God An not Man..Amen Amen Amen

Natasha C | Please pray for my sister Nicole and me for removal of any inference of our bond and friendship. Pray for unity and peace between her and her children ( Tone & Riah). God bless!

david smith | got fired from my job for hearsay. need another job. a pray to get right with God. to strengthen my relationship with my girlfriend because we argue a lot. and forgiveness for the sins that i am weak in. thank you God bless

Arlene | Please pray that God healing power will penetrate thru the bones of my wrist,having great pain.after a fall,also pray for my daughter,that healing will take place in her body,pray that God will continue to keep a hedge of protection round about our families,church family ,and keep our Bishop covered in Jesus name.thank you and I say a prayer for you that God keep you and your family well and safe in Jesus name.Amen

Charles Fischbein | I have suffered a failed spinal fusion surgery. Lost feeling in my feet which caused an infection and toe amputation. I am 72 and was very active till the surgery. I feel my life is over as best doctors cannot relieve my pain. I need prayers for God too help me and return me to health so I can go on with teaching which I had to stop. Please pray for my recovery. God Bless

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