Monday 14 August 2017

Joy, a Fruit of Our Hope in God

Day 8 (14 Aug 2017, Monday)

You can tell when a Christian has settled the issue of trusting God, he puts his hope in God alone.
That believer has joy written all over his face and in his entire demeanour.  It’s easy for us to tell between a joyful Christian and a joyless Christian.

The Bible tells us that when we believe in God, God will fill us with all joy!  Not a little bit of joy, but all joy!  This was Apostle Paul’s prayer for the believers in Rome, and it is still valid for the Malaysian Church today!  A joyous Malaysian Church in the midst of all the social, political and economic challenges will most certainly be a resounding witness and testimony to a nation steeped in darkness!

The Church that has a song of joy to sing in dark times is going to get the attention of unbelievers!  The light shines brightest in times when it is the darkest!

Can we make it a point in our lives to continue looking to God and God alone?  For in Him we find joy, and through Him we are filled with joy.  Please join us to pray for a joyous and triumphant Church in Malaysia!  Our happiness may depend on the outwards circumstances but joy takes place inside of us.  It happens within our heart.  So come, let us pray with joy today and may our Church in Malaysia be a joyful Church! Amen.

Pray for the States of Malaysia  :  Selangor

Pray for adequate measures to be adopted by the state government for the upkeep of the Public Housing programme, in order to provide affordable accommodation that will cater to the needs of the many urban poor in the state.

Pray for the thousands of legal and illegal foreign workers in Selangor to experience an encounter with Jesus Christ personally.  Many of them suffer at the hands of dishonest agents or merciless employers.  Pray that their cries to God will be heard and that their rights will be respected.

Pray for God’s wisdom and revelation to shine in the hearts of the tens of thousands of local and foreign tertiary students here.  Pray that they will become men and women of purpose, integrity and purity who will bring positive change to society.

Necf Malaysia

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